We cooperate with AutoAzur to digitise the Mexican Aftermarket

AutoAzur provides the most reliable tools to manage e-commerce operations in Mexico. With our cooperation we want to drive digitization in the auto parts market in Mexico and Latin America in a professional and structured way.

Since 2013, our subsidiary TecAlliance de Mexico has supported market participants in the precise identification of vehicles and quick search for the right part. The Mexican edition of the well-known international replacement parts catalogue covers the global TecDoc format as well as the AutoCare ACES and PIES format for the North and Central American markets. 

“With our TecDoc data integrated into AutoAzur’s tool and omnichannel cloud services, we strongly support the digitization of the auto parts market. This collaboration allows us to manage operations in the most important marketplaces and e-commerce in Latin America”, explains Fernando Murguia, Managing Director Mexico at TecAlliance.

“AutoAzur always seeks to provide both its customers and the Mexican auto parts market with the best technological, cataloguing and omnichannel solutions; that is why this alliance represents a strength to digitize in a professional and structured way the auto parts market in Mexico and Latin America”

Ricardo González, Operations Manager at AutoAzur

Since 2011, AutoAzur has supported brands, distributors, and e-commerce sellers on their way to digitization, focusing on online sales and providing them with tools and services which allow them to manage their processes digitally and automatically – from inventory control to prices and orders.

Due to the emergence of new marketplaces in Mexico and Latin America, omnichannel sales are one of AutoAzur’s major focuses. As of Q1 2022 they will have connected nine marketplaces and three e-commerce platforms in Latin America.