We are looking back at our successful Customer Day events in Asia Pacific

Looking back at the Customer Day events in Kuala Lumpur and Pattaya, we highlight the importance and benefits of networking in the automotive aftermarket. Explore how our events facilitated meaningful connections and collaborations among industry professionals.

A day that sparked innovation, collaboration, and limitless possibilities! On August 8, 2023, our Customer Day Event brought together industry leaders, experts, and enthusiasts at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. With the combined efforts of ITGs, such as. TEMOT, ATR, and NEXUS, alongside association delegates from EMPTA, MUVATA, and MAARA, this event was destined to be exceptional.

The event transcended borders, welcoming visitors from Germany, Australia, Japan, Singapore, and China. With nearly 100 participants, the atmosphere was charged with curiosity and enthusiasm from the moment the doors opened at 9 am.

The morning commenced with insightful talks, beginning with a briefing by our TecAlliance Asia Pacific Managing Director, Matthias Moritz. The stage was then graced by the keynote speaker, Gwenael de Calan, our Business Development Manager Indonesia, who shared his profound experience in driving digitalization within the automotive sector across the region.

After the captivating opening, the attendees broke out into 3 rooms, each catering to specific interests:

Room 1: The luminaries from Germany, including Jürgen Mehlis, EVP Data Manager Products, Jürgen Weiland, Product Lead Data Solutions, and Geert Heijnen, Software Engineer took the stage. They unveiled the latest innovations in our TecDoc Catalogue and delivered live demos of our IDP (Instant Data Processing) and DQM (Data Quality Management), unveiling the future of automotive data handling.

Room 2: Data specialists illuminated the significance of Vehicle Data, OE Research, and the transformative PMA Tool (Product Management Analytics). Attendees gained invaluable insights that will shape their decision-making processes.

Room 3: Catalogue solutions took the spotlight, showcasing the power of customized catalogue for both brand owners and distributors. In addition, with TecCom ordering solution, with warranty and return modules, was unveiled as the ultimate solution for streamlined operations.

The pinnacle of the event was the gala dinner networking, where recognition was bestowed upon those who have been driving the industry forward. Certificates were presented to ITGs, association delegates, Premier Data Suppliers (PDS), and Certified Data Suppliers. Industry leader Bosch, Continental, Gaido, Bendix, Sofima, Kabis, Bapmic, and the new addition ASUKI were celebrated for their significant contributions. 

Only two days later, on August, 10 we again opened our doors and welcomed visitors from around the globe, representing countries like Germany, Australia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, China, and Thailand to our Customer Day in Pattaya. With nearly 100 attendees, the energy and diversity were absolutely electric!

Beyond discussions, our event fostered connections and collaborations that will shape the future of the automotive industry. Conversations between brand owners, manufacturers, and distributors have laid the foundation for exciting opportunities and transformations. 🚀

This Customer Day Event was a milestone in driving innovation, forging partnerships, and propelling progress. The ripples of these interactions are set to reshape the automotive sector into a realm of limitless potential.

Both events were more than just a platform for sharing ideas; it was a hub of connections and collaborations. Engaging conversations between brand owners, manufacturers, and distributors cultivated opportunities that will reshape the industry’s landscape.

The Customer Day Events marked a milestone in fostering innovation, partnership, and progress. With the ripples of these interactions, we’re excited to see the automotive sector evolve into a realm of limitless potential. Stay tuned for more updates as we shape the future of the industry together!