VIO goes Brazil

We are happy to announce that we’ve launched our Vehicles in Operation (VIO) data for the Brazilian vehicle park, which currently comprises 44,937,649 vehicles. This solution was developed by our experts in Brasil and México, with the same level of excellence and standardization that characterizes our whole solution portfolio. Accurate VIO data allows users to make strategically sound business decisions, including  evaluation, reconciliation, and optimization of their product portfolios according to country-specific vehicle information. 

Our VIO data for Brazil is developed using a variety of quality sources including official data on vehicle sales, registration figures, insurance data, and others, that are analyzed by experts in statistical vehicle data. It covers national data since 1957 for passenger vehicles and light commercial vehicles.  

“For me and the entire Brazilian team the launch of Brazilian VIO data represents an important milestone, as we are now able to deliver complete data sets for our customers. It was produced by TecAlliance’s Brazilian data specialists, with their expertise and specific knowledge of the Brazilian carpark in cooperation with our colleagues in Mexico, who bring significant historic knowledge of the Mexican, South and Central Americas VIO data.”

Heloísa Monzani, Managing Director Brazil. 

“This solution establishes TecAlliance as a comprehensive data provider for the Brazilian automotive aftermarket: carpark, vehicle and replacement parts database, standardization of OE references, parts cataloging for manufacturers – all these data types bring to parts manufacturers important tools for integral management of products and making the best of market potential! In effect, this provides a “one-stop-shop” for important parts management tools and, when combined with TecAlliance’s standard, allows for the most accurate and effective “go-to-market” package of services available in the market… all developed by local sources in Brazil and México!”

Our Vehicles In Operation (VIO) platform provides the most accurate global vehicle market data. Enhanced by artificial intelligence and machine learning we make sure you connect the right parts, vehicles and customers.
Gain deep insights of the global automotive markets and make strategically sound business decisions that will prove their worth in the short and long run.

Whether you’re a supplier, a vehicle manufacturer, a reseller, or active in a completely different branch, the possibilities are numerous.

With the insights provided by our comprehensive VIO data you can reconcile, evaluate and optimise your product portfolio regarding country-specific or global market developments.

The figures are based on the original raw data that we purchase from official global sources. Using a combination of AI tooling and manual work, the raw data is then translated to the TecAlliance standard.

In the end, the data is linked to the internal vehicle identifiers such as HMD, K-Type and N-Type. We are using our unique harmonisation tool to translate raw source data files & create linkages to our internal vehicle database. Developed in-house, it is continuously refined by adding new features while existing ones are tweaked and refined.