Truck parts manufacturer ORVIP is expanding thanks to our TecDoc Catalogue

In the Italian truck replacement parts sector, ORVIP stands for excellent quality, reliability and a high level of customer satisfaction. As a certified data supplier to the TecDoc Catalogue, the truck expert has been successfully expanding its market presence to other European countries such as France and Spain since 2018.

In the Italian automotive aftermarket, ORVIP from Padua has been an established player for the last 33 years. The product range includes more than 4,000 replacement parts in OE quality for all reputable truck brands, including Scania, Volvo, DAF, Renault and MAN. Over the past few years, the management has further expanded the portfolio with parts for Nissan, Isuzu, Mitsubishi and Piaggio. Especially for these brands, ORVIP is able to identify vehicles via the VIN number. This is particularly important for customers looking for truck parts and ensures that the correct replacement part is found.

Significantly more visible in international markets

ORVIP has also been catering to international customers for a long time. However, the specialisation in Isuzu brought a sharp rise in the demand for truck replacement parts in France and Spain. ORVIP decided to take advantage of this opportunity to further expand its international business. The company wanted to achieve the same high visibility at the point of sale in these countries as it has in Italy to win new customers. “In order to successfully implement our internationalisation strategy, we have become a data supplier to TecAlliance”, explains Cristiano Moscardi, Commercial Manager at ORVIP. “The TecDoc Catalogue is called the ‘Bible of the replacement parts trade in the European automotive aftermarket’. It was clear to us that we had to be represented here as a certified data provider to reach new customers in Europe and increase the visibility of our products”, states Moscardi.

ORVIP is extremely satisfied with the decision to join the TecDoc Catalogue. “In our business, one needs to be quick, inexpensive and competent. We therefore focus on constant improvement of good and affordable products in terms of professionalism and speed. The presence in the TecDoc Catalogue was an important step for us to achieve this”, reports Cristiano Moscardi. “And it worked. We managed to significantly boost our presence in the French and Spanish market. And we can now tap into other international markets in an even more systematic manner.”

Reaching its goals faster with our Data Onboarding service

For a quick and easy start as a data provider, ORVIP opted for TecAlliance’s Data Onboarding service, where the product data is processed by our experts in accordance with the requirements of the TecDoc Standard. ORVIP needed neither hardware nor software for this purpose. It saved internal time and effort for data processing and could count on the data meeting the criteria for the quality seal “TecAlliance Certified Data Supplier”.

This was a great relief, since only entering the item or product numbers was initially not enough: “For each product line or each of the associated individual datasets per item, ORVIP had to collect specific information from different data sources. With our Data Onboarding service, we supported ORVIP right from the beginning,” says Riccardo Batisti, Senior Sales Manager at TecAlliance in Italy. “We took the data in the format ORVIP used previously, transferred it to the TecDoc Standard and linked it to our product names, attributes and vehicle data. While doing so, we particularly made sure that the products were presented professionally. This ensured that they could be found by as many customers as possible at the point of sale.”

For the continuous maintenance and provision of the data, ORVIP uses the data management tool DMM, which is included in the data provider contract. With this, data managers can easily process product information and transmit it to us in the TecDoc format. About 3,000 items have been processed by the ORVIP team, with new products added every two to three months.

The TecDoc Catalogue is one of the leading replacement parts catalogues and contains more than 6.6 million sets of product data from more than 700 brands, 254 million linkages and 48 article groups. Especially for workshops, it is one of the most relevant tools for vehicle and parts identification. Since our update to version 3.0 in January 2019, the TecDoc Catalogue has become even more user-friendly and intuitive to use. Furthermore, the search function has been improved and there is, e.g. the possibility to identify parts based on the VIN – the most important search criteria in Italy. With the graphical search feature, components can be selected and identified on a purely visual basis with a mouse click in a model of the vehicle.