The TecRMI User Group meeting brings valuable insights and exchanges with our data users

After a long time, it was possible to get into personal contact with our TecRMI data users again. We took the opportunity to talk to garage owners and automotive mechatronics about current and future challenges and trends as part of the TecRMI user group.

The aim of the TecRMI user group workshop was to get back into direct contact with the data users after some time to talk about their challenges in their daily business.  To get to know each other, the workshop was introduced by a dinner the day before. Already at this point, interesting discussions about challenges in the daily workshop routine came up.

The next day started with a welcome and a presentation of TecAlliance by Christian Bergmann, Vice President Data Manager RMI and Leon Dols, Product Owner. Afterwards the workshop started by a first session to collect all challenges where garages potentially need support. These challenges were prioritised by the participants and the most important ones afterwards analysed and discussed in detail. The discussions mainly revolved around future trends such as advanced driver assistance systems and electromobility as well as TecRMI repair instructions. After an interesting exchange, the day was concluded by a feedback round and a farewell.

Through the discussion rounds, Christian Bergmann and Leon Dols had the opportunity to gain individual valuable insights into the workshops daily business technically as well as process related. In addition, they received important information about the requirements of our data users along the TecRMI information and process supporting solution portfolio. The workshop showed to what extent our existing portfolio meets the needs of the garages and what could be improved.  Finally, the participants highly appreciated the honest interest in their challenges as data users. Christian Bergmann describes the workshop as “a highly valuable meeting to get into direct contact with our data users. We had the opportunity to deep dive into their concrete challenges and how our data and services can support in the best way possible.”

Due to the success of the workshop, we would like to offer further workshops in the future – also outside of Germany. We plan to conduct the workshops in three stages, specific to the target group:

  • Garages
  • Garage concepts
  • Wholesalers

    This allows us to discuss individual needs in more detail.

    If you would like to participate in one of the workshops, please get in touch with our sales team or contact your us at: