TecRMI checklists for vehicles with water entry & for camper van acceptance available

The new TecRMI checklists support the acceptance and inspection of motorhome and campervans as well as troubleshooting for vehicles with water entry. With the help of the TecRMI checklists, you will benefit from high customer satisfaction and additional turnover.

Support for a wide range of workshop tasks

The TecRMI checklists provide support for a wide range of workshop activities and are available in the new RMI Online web application and in the TecDoc Catalogue. A wide variety of work processes can be planned and coordinated more easily with the help of the 14 clearly structured checklists. The digital fillable checklists ensure that you are optimally prepared for a wide range of work processes. For this purpose, our motor vehicle experts have created suitable documents for the most common work processes, which will save you time and ensure consistent and efficient work. Among others, you will find checklists on the topics:

  • Wheel change for the winter or summer season
  • Brakes-
  • Direct acceptance
  • Holiday
  • Spring- or even
  • Winter-check.

Simplified inspection of motorhomes and campervans

The new checklist is valid for all motorhomes and campervans and contains various tasks including intervals that can be checked and marked accordingly. This includes work inside, outside and underneath the vehicle, such as checking the warm air system/heater, tyres and rims as well as brakes. In addition, you can identify paint/bodywork damage with the help of the visual campervan illustration.

Leak detection support for vehicles with water entry

For vehicles with water entry, the new checklist provides a remedy by providing you with a structured elaboration of the necessary steps to be taken. The checklist starts with predefined customer questions to describe the complaint and derive possible causes. In addition, you can view a detailed troubleshooting procedure that contains all the necessary steps for the repair.

Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty

With the help of the TecRMI checklists, you can ensure fast and correct work on the vehicle, boost additional sales and also increase transparency. The checklists can be filled in with the customer’s information and can also be handed over to the customer at the end. In doing so, you increase the trust of your customers, which is reflected in a higher level of satisfaction and loyalty.