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Enhance your repair & maintenance work with smart data

Our technical data supports every maintenance & repair-related process with unique features.

Whether you need to determine the necessary work steps for a specific vehicle & milage, find the exact part you need for your repair, calculate the working times necessary, or seek step-by-step guidance for the whole process

  • Manufacturer-compliant
  • Generation of automatic spare parts package
  • Extended spare parts suggestions
  • TecRMI Checklists

Service Finder

Determination of the necessary maintenance work according to OEM specifications, based on mileage & first registration.

Smart calculation

Transparent calculation of working times distinguishing mandatory and optional work.

Parts Finder

Complete spare part suggestion based on the selected repair and maintenance work leading to higher quality repairs.

Repair support

Active support for your repair by interactive linkage of all information necessary for the implementation.

What TecRMI offers:

  • Ajdust – Technical data & settings
  • Times – Labour times
  • Diagnostics – Diagnostic data
  • Manuals – Repair instructions
  • Fuses & Relays – Fuses and relay boxes
  • Locations – Location of engine components
  • Wiring – Component wiring diagrams 
  • Tyres – Tyre & wheel data
  • Notes – Recalls or change notices
  • VIN-Filter – Vehicle Identification by VIN
  • Bulletins – Service newsletter 
  • Wiring+ – Comfort wiring diagrams

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