TecDoc makes traders ready for e-commerce

The global shift of automotive parts sales towards e-commerce platforms is one of the world’s major market trends. We offer customisable e-commerce solutions based on TecDoc data: Our TecDoc White-Label Solution with its Trade Module supports traders in setting up or boosting their e-commerce activities. It does this by providing the most accurate spare parts identification combined with an outstanding user experience. Auto Delta, one of the main Portuguese car parts distributors, is using our B2B webshop to strengthen and grow its market position.

Easy start into e-commerce

Digital commerce is becoming increasingly complex. B2B customers have specific needs and expectations that traders in the automotive aftermarket need to meet. These expectations range from specific website features to the overall user experience. Based on the globally renowned TecDoc Catalogue, we offer a ready-to-use, off-the-shelf solution to start an e-commerce business.

The TecDoc White-Label Solution enables a trader to present its portfolio with comprehensive product information, high-quality images and videos. The intuitive user interface can be adapted to the trader’s corporate branding for seamless integration into its own website or mobile app.

The dedicated Trade Module upgrades the B2B e-commerce solution with a shopping cart and ordering features. A direct connection to the MMS automates order processing and makes sure that the information for orders is always up to date. All of this enables a superior brand and online-shopping experience. There is no need for any in-house development effort on the trader’s side.

Succeeding in a competitive environment

Auto Delta, one of the major players in the Portuguese aftermarket, already chose the TecDoc White-Label solution with its Trade Module (TecDoc B2B Webshop) in 2007. Marcelo Silva, Chief Operations Officer of Auto Delta, is convinced that our long-standing cooperation has been a decisive factor in the company’s success.

“The truth is now that those who are not present in e-commerce simply do not exist. The entry of giant e-commerce platforms that sell these products directly to end consumers accelerated the digitisation of players that were still out and losing sales opportunities. Those who want to succeed in this market now need to have a B2B e-commerce strategy, well-designed and with realistic goals. We implemented the TecDoc Webshop to diversify our customer base, who can now purchase our products much more easily. This also allows the entire market to know the true breadth of Auto Delta’s portfolio”, says Silva.

Marcelo Silva, Chief Operations Officer of Auto Delta

“The tools and more effective responsiveness that the TecDoc Webshop has provided have been essential to achieving our targeted results through the years. The credibility of the TecDoc Webshop and its data, the versatility of use and a better and safer shopping experience for our customers: all these are decisive factors for the success of our business and the tool itself”, he adds.

Maximum performance and continuous improvement

Our TecDoc Catalogue has established itself as the leading aftermarket catalogue for decades. We are continuously developing it to offer top-notch e-commerce services that help traders drive their sales and expand their online business. Every three weeks there is a new release to provide additional features and innovative functions to improve the user experience. Customers benefit from new features and customisations that would take them weeks to build from scratch.

In 2021, we added new features like the Smart Search or the Multi-Shopping Cart that have a positive impact on traders’ daily business. “Indeed, the evolution of the platform and the tools made available to all the users keep surprising us. If, on the one hand, Smart Search allows greater security and confidence in the correct identification of parts, the Multi-Shopping Cart allows our business partners to precisely segment the contents of their orders. These innovations that increase trust in the platform are having a strong impact on the success of Auto Delta’s commercial strategy. Another advantage is in reducing returns, which are a huge logistical and economic problem in our sector”, confirms Silva.

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