Order Core AWS Migration

Thank you for visiting our page with the frequently asked questions regarding our migration to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

To be ready for the future, we decided to change our service provider and migrate our systems to AWS. Thanks to the migration, we can offer you already in the short term more stability, security and performance, and in the long term more functionality.

First of all: your existing business processes will continue to work like they do now. Depending on how you communicate with us it can be necessary, though, to change a few settings on your side. This mainly concerns the IP addresses of our systems to which you send and from which we send. And it concerns the deprecation of support for certain SSL encryption methods which are too old and are a security risk.

You can find out if you have to change something in the following questions and answers section. We will extend this section as required to make sure that you always can find the most up-to-date information.

What do I have to do?

Once we migrate to AWS our systems will be assigned new public IP addresses. That also means we will send from new public IP addresses. Furthermore we will deprecate certain SSL encryption methods.

Please note that the existing IP addresses will still be used for other TecCom Solutions.

  1. Make sure that you can connect to our new public IP addresses from your corresponding systems. This may require that you modify the settings of your firewall.
  2. Make sure that your corresponding systems can be reached from our new public IP addresses. This may require that you modify the settings of your firewall.
  3. Make sure that your corresponding systems support the SSL encryption methods used by us. In the worst case this may require that you change your operating system if, for example, you still use a very old operating system like Windows Server 2003.

In addition we will try to connect to your systems from our new public IP addresses. If we encounter problems there, we will inform you at once.

Will message contents or formats change?

No. All changes are purely technical and concern exclusively the network communication. There will be no changes of message contents or formats of any kind.

Which solutions are affected?

The only affected solution is TecCom Order Manager (TecOrder) for sending and receiving inquiries, orders, order responses, dispatch advices and invoices.

Other solutions like, for example, e-Invoicing (TecInvoice), CMD, CMI and Returns are not affected.

When do I have to check and maybe change something?

Not every customer integration is affected by the migration. Please have a look at the following table to see if you have to check and maybe change your communication with TecCom.

Application / InterfaceSendingReceiving
OrderManager Portal(tick) no check needed(tick) no check needed
TecConnect 4.1 and older / TecLocal(error) check needed(error) check needed
Connect 5(error) check needed(tick) no check needed
TOM SOAP Webservice (TCC / TomConnect / self-developed software )(error) check needed(error) check needed
AS2 / OFTP / SFTP / X400 / All connections through Retarus(tick) no check needed(tick) no check needed
SMTP(tick) no check needed
FTP(tick) no check needed(tick) no check needed


This concerns all messages that you send to the TecCom Network.

You must ensure that you can reach the new public IP addresses before we migrate the systems.


This concerns all messages that you receive from the TecCom Network.

Here we will try to connect to your systems from our new public IP addresses. If we encounter problems there, we will inform you at once.

What are the new public IP addresses?

Below you can find our new public IP addresses. Please create exceptions for all of them in your firewall.

For the sake of stability and disaster recovery it is possible that the systems behind our new URL will be switched from main to standby (from one set of IP addresses to the other), so it is very important that you make exceptions for all IP addresses.

In case you do not allow traffic from the Standby IP addresses through your firewall, this could result in unavailability in case of disaster recovery. (Download the new IP overview)

Note that we have different IP addresses for sending and receiving!

Public IP addresses for messages sent to the TecCom Network

For messages sent to the TecCom Network we use the dynamic IP addresses registered from AWS for the regions ‘eu-central-1’ and “eu-west-1”.

At the moment it is not foreseen to use static IP addresses for this connections. If you have the need to for IP address whitelisting for outgoing traffic and cannot use a proxy please contact us.

Public IP addresses for messages received from the TecCom Network

RegionMain systemsStandby systems

Which SSL encryption methods will be supported?

With the migration we will support the following SSL encryption protocols and methods.


TLS 1.0
TLS 1.1
TLS 1.2

SSL2 and SSL3 are not supported!

Cipher Suites

TLS 1.2 (highest to lowest priority)
TLS 1.1 (highest to lowest priority)
TLS 1.0 (highest to lowest priority)

Which operating systems will be supported?

ClientOperating systemService Pack neededTLS version
IE 7Windows VistaSP2TLS 1.0
IE 7Windows Server 2008SP2TLS 1.0
IE 8 – 11Windows 7SP2TLS 1.0
IE 8 – 11Windows Server 2008 R2SP1TLS 1.0
IE 11Windows 8TLS 1.2   
IE 11Windows Server 2012TLS 1.2
IE 11Windows Server 2012 R2TLS 1.2
IE 11Windows 10TLS 1.2  
IE 11Windows Server 2016TLS 1.2
IE 11Windows Server 2019TLS 1.2

Windows Server 2003 and older will no longer be supported.

Which URL do I have to use in the future?

We will set up a new URL which you can use to test the connection. It is:


You will be able to use this URL for production before our GoLive. That way you can be certain that you don’t still have to take action at a later date.

We will Inform you once the URL has been set up and can be tested.

How can I test the new connection?

Sending messages to the TecCom Network

Sending messages cannot be tested at the moment. We will inform you when this is possible.

Internet Explorer / Edge

You can open https://iam.teccom.de in the browser (please use the Internet Explorer / Edge as other browsers do not use the Windows SSL Libraries). You should see a website if the connection is successful and you should not receive any warnings or errors.

But for this test you have to make sure that you execute it on the same server where your TecCom application is running.


You can also use your application or other test tools to send a message to https://iam.teccom.de. There’s a mock service running which will respond to your message.

Receiving messages from the TecCom Network

We will test the connection to your systems from our side and inform you in case of any problems.

What will happen to my data and configurations?

All your data and configurations in our systems will be migrated to AWS before we go live. We will perform integrity and plausibility checks before going live to ensure the soundness of all data and configurations.

You can work with TecCom as usual up until shortly before we go live. All changes done up to this point, for example, business relations, will be included in the migration.

Where will the systems be hosted?

Our systems will be hosted with Amazon Web Services in the EU regions Frankfurt and Ireland.

When will the migration be happening?

The migration is planned to take place at the end of the first quarter 2022.

We will inform you as soon as the migration date has been finalized.