Successful workshops: Highlights of our TecRMI User Group events

At our recent TecRMI User Group events, we had the opportunity to connect with our wholesale customers and representatives from workshop chains and concepts. This engaging gathering allowed us to exchange ideas directly and identify current and future challenges day-to-day workshop business face. With an aim to enhance our data and services, we encouraged insightful discussions that shape the future of our solutions. We are excited to share the highlights of our successful User Group events.

To get to know each other and foster networking, the event started with a delightful dinner the evening before. This informal setting allowed participants to get to know one another and laid the foundation for fruitful collaborations during the following day’s sessions.

The User Group officially commenced the next day, with a warm welcome from Christian Bergmann, Vice President Data Manager RMI, and Leon Dols, Product Owner TecRMI. Their introductory remarks set the stage for the productive discussions that were to follow.

Drawing on the collective experiences of workshop experts and the valuable input from our customers, we delved into the core challenges faced by workshops in their day-to-day operations. By engaging directly with the participants, we gained valuable insights into the industry’s pain points and identified the concrete need for our data and services. Armed with a deeper understanding of the challenges at hand, we collaborated with our participants to outline possible solutions. Through open discussions and brainstorming sessions, we paved the way for future enhancements to our solutions, ensuring they directly address the needs of workshop businesses. 

Next to the identified diversity of participating potential and active TecRMI data users, it was impressive to observe how entrepreneurs focus on processes and tasks or brands in order to be well-prepared for current and future technologies.

Across all groups, the TecRMI Services, like TecRMI Document Scanner and TecRMI Service Book, facilitating the daily business along the workshops’ processes, have been proven as “the right direction to go” to support our workshop users actively day by day.

Next to the identified requirements, especially with regards to additional valuable information to be added to our TecRMI database, our most significant learning was to focus significantly on the improvement of our communication to ensure our customers are 100% aware of the scope of our TecRMI data, our features as well as TecRMI Services. 

Besides several independent entrepreneurs, the following companies took the chance to contribute to our TecRMI UserGroups: Euromaster GmbH; Coparst Autoteile GmbH; Centro, Wütschner Fahrzeugteile GmbH, SAG Schweiz AG, point S Deutschlang GmbH, First Stop Reifen Auto Service GmbH, Pneuhage Unternehmensgruppe.

Looking back on the events, we proudly express that our TecRMI User Groups were an exciting and resounding success for all parties involved. The collaborative atmosphere, the engagement of participants, and the wealth of knowledge shared throughout the event were crucial to its success. We are grateful to each and every attendee for their active participation and dedication to making the events a remarkable success.

We are thrilled to announce that we will host our next gathering in Portugal and Italy. To continually improve our solutions and stay at the forefront of the industry, we eagerly anticipate another enriching experience filled with insightful discussions and valuable connections.

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