Successful relaunch of our WeChat Catalogue in China

TecAlliance China has successfully launched the updated version of the TecAlliance WeChat Catalogue. The catalogue mostly acts as a showcase of the catalogue product features for interested brand owners who are looking for customised WeChat catalogues, but it also helps users to find a suitable replacement part in the most efficient and convenient way – anywhere and anytime with all smartphone operating systems.

The updated version is faster than ever, has a brand-new user interface and allows to search for parts by car model, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or any part number cross-reference entry. Part manufacturers, brand owners and distributors can ask us for their own, customised catalogue that can be accessed via WeChat or with any web browser.

“We are very happy about the successful start of our new catalogue version. The high number of visitors shows us that our WeChat Catalogue is well received in the market and that the new version perfectly meets the needs and requirements of our users”, says our Product Owner Yuhua Zhang.

In addition to the number of visits and users it is also possible to trace additional valuable user information, such as the top searched part numbers, vehicles, product groups and brands, as well as the country and city where the user is based.

Quickly identify the correct replacement part

The TecAlliance WeChat Catalogue makes it easy to quickly identify vehicle replacement parts by entering the car model, the vehicle identification number (VIN), any part number cross-reference. Comprehensive technical data, product images and descriptions are displayed for each item. The updated version is faster than ever, and the new user-interface and search logic make it even easier to use.

The TecAlliance WeChat Catalogue can be opened in the WeChat app and with every web browser, allowing to access it with mobile devices and a PC. The catalogue can therefore also be used in other markets where WeChat is not as widely used as in China.

We also offer a white-label catalogue solution for parts manufacturers, brand owners and distributors that can be adapted to their corporate design.