Successful ASA meeting in Cologne

In late March, the ASA specialist group “Software” department held its first face-to-face event of the year at our Cologne location, which proved to be a resounding success. The event was focused on providing a platform for personal exchange and informative speeches on current issues related to the independent aftermarket (IAM).

One of the keynote speakers, Dr. Roman Cunis from ZF, delved into the complex topic of “UNECE regulations for cyber security (R155) and software update management”, and how these regulations will impact the future of IAM. His presentation gave participants valuable insights into the new regulations, and the necessary steps to take to prepare for the changes ahead.

Another highlight was the presentation by Andre Glanz from cotedo Service GmbH, who shared an overview of “Electromobility and its general conditions in IAM service.” The discussion focused on the transformation process towards the “Electric-Vehicle” (EV) and its implications for independent workshops. Participants gained insights into how they can adapt their workshops to cater to the growing demand for EV-related services.

Joanna Behrend and Anna Klapper from GS1 Germany GmbH shared very interesting insights into the topic of “Digital Product Passport” (DPP). The presentation was centred around the importance of closely monitoring which product categories will move into the focus of the delegated acts next. In general, it would be good advice for product manufacturers to join a relevant product data classification system to be prepared for future requirements coming from the DPP.

Lastly, Frank Beaujean from asanetwork gmbh gave an overview of the status of “Workshop-Net” and the advantages of exchanging standardized data between DMS systems and networked workshop equipment on the processing of work and inspection orders. Participants gained insights into how to optimize workflows and improve efficiency in workshops.

In summary, the event provided a comprehensive overview of current and future developments in the IAM sector, with a particular focus on cyber security, electromobility, and product data management. These topics will play an increasingly important role in the future, and it is vital for businesses to adapt to remain competitive.

We extend our gratitude to the department chairs, Harald Pfau and Andreas Assmann, for their support, the speakers for their excellent presentations, and all participants for the constructive exchange. We look forward to hosting an upcoming event for the ASA specialist group “Software”.