Struggling with open order inquiries? We have a solution for you!

Automotive aftermarket is facing a huge challenge in parts production and distribution. Especially after the Covid pandemic the parts distribution is highly disrupted. The buyers don’t always have a transparent overview of parts delivery and sometimes the delivery itself is delayed due to the disruptions. This leads to an increased restocking and higher number of backorders. At the same time a majority of the reordered parts are returned due to overstocking.

The buyers always need an up to date open order list and they request the list to their suppliers. Suppliers on the other hand face difficulties to send this list to numerous buyers. It requires a lot of manual effort and management to develop the individual open order list.

TecCom Open Orders aims to solve this predominant market challenge. Open Order feature helps both the aftermarket supplier and the buyer. With us, the supplier can provide a transparent overview of the individual open order lists to its buyers. The suppliers can even customize and modify which customers should get the lists and for what duration. 

How are the suppliers benefited from TecCom Open Orders?

The suppliers get numerous individual buyers’ open order list request every day. Offering this service to every buyer makes a tremendous amount of work at the suppliers’ end. Also, different buyers ask for different formats via various communication channels.

  • Reduce manual workload of creating and sending open order list to individual buyers
  • Save money with reduced management and continuous customer support
  • Send automated open order lists
  • Chose the duration of the list
  • Customize whom you want to send the list (set it up in the organizational detail)
  • Restrict the buyers from requesting the list
  • Reduce reordering of parts for this case
  • Reduce cases of returns from overstocking
  • Increase customer satisfaction and customer retention
  • Get a free insight on how your buyers are using the open order list sent by you in our free widget
  • Avoid pressure from your customers to source more parts

How are the buyers benefited?

  • The buyers can request the real time open order list from its suppliers.
  • The buyers can quickly check the items before reordering them
  • Get all the list from different suppliers in one view
  • Download the lists in their prefered file format
  • Get the list dating back up to 2 years
  • Reduce returns of excess parts
  • Attend your end customers better with a clear view of open order lists
  • Integrate orders that have not been ordered on TecCom portal

Let’s look at the set up process of TecCom Open Orders

Open Order feature is a part of TecCom upgrade package which comes with other business features. This is not a stand alone feature to be bought on the portal.

How can suppliers set up the open order functionality for their buyers?

  1. Order Service Boost upgrade online.
  2. Activate open orders for one of your ZZ test organizations.
  3. Do some internal testing to find out if your ERP answers as expected:
  4. Open order back up to 2 years from the current date
  5. Smaller number of open orders
  6. Larger number of orders
  7. Different order statuses
  8. Split deliveries with different statuses
  9. Unconfirmed order lines
  10. Canceled order lines
  11. Full filled orders
  12. Partly full filled orders
  13. Decide whether individual adaptions. Get a quote from us.
  14. If you are happy with your open order list activate it on your productive system. You’re done!
  15. Optional: if you want to do alpha testing with real customers of yours contact us to activate buyer specific settings.
  16. If you face any performance problems or need implementation help, contact our consultants.

For suppliers – Book ‘service boost’ package to enjoy the Open Order feature.

For buyers – Book ‘monitoring upgrade’ to benefit from Open Order feature.