Streamline Your Service Book Entries with TecRMI’s Latest Updates

Our solution TecRMI Service Book offers a simple and standardized process for recording digital service book entries for various vehicle manufacturers. The launch of the product at the beginning of 2022 was followed by the introduction of new functions and the launch in further European countries. In this article, we will highlight these new features and the countries in which TecRMI Service Book is now available.

Newly added recall information facilitates manufacturer-compliant service

You can now request OE information on service actions or recall information with ease for your selected vehicle based on the vehicle identification number (VIN). This valuable information will further improve your digital service book entry experience. With the choice to either retrieve this information directly while checking the vehicle’s service history or separately, you are equipped to provide an even more specific service and foster a stronger bond with your customers. Crosschecking open service bulletins and active recalls for specific VIN enables you to prepare a manufacturer-compliant service.

New features improve user experience and add value

We worked for you on simplifying the vehicle identification to accelerate the process of conducting a digital service book entry. In addition to vehicle identification via typing the vehicle identification number, our platform now supports identification through license plate lookup in the Netherlands, Italy, Norway and Portugal as well as the Swiss-Type in Switzerland, to prefill information required and making it even more convenient and accessible for our users in the above markets.

In addition to the license plate lookup the TecRMI Document Scanner is included in the TecRMI Service Book web application as well. The scanner scans vehicle documents, detects predefined fields, and automatically transfers the information into the system. This saves time and eliminates the need for manual data entry. All you need to do is upload a picture or document of a vehicle’s registration and hit the “Read vehicle registration document” button. In just a matter of seconds, your vehicle will be identified and ready for a seamless digital service experience. At present, the scanner is capable of scanning German vehicle documents, and we are working to expand its capabilities to scan documents from other countries in the future.

TecRMI Service Book expands to serve more countries

TecRMI’s Service Book has expanded its reach to include Norway, Italy, Portugal, Czech Republic and the Netherlands, along with its launch countries of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. This broadens our audience and offers digital service book entries to more workshops. To continue providing our service outside of Germany TecRMI is partnering with organizations like Koskamp B.V. in the Netherlands and NAF AS in Norway. This year marks the first anniversary of the successful partnership with NAF and with it the expansion to Norway. Our collaboration opens up new opportunities for us to gain valuable insights into our users’ needs and expands the reach of our solution to a wider range of countries.

With the TecRMI Service Book platform, we simplify and speed up the digital service book entry process. The introduction of the TecRMI Document Scanner, the license plate look ups and additional recall information in combination with the RMI data has made the process even easier and more valuable. Don’t miss out on all benefits of TecRMI service book! If you’re ready to streamline your service process and want to learn more about its features, reach out to us now!