Simply scan and read out vehicle-relevant documents

The TecRMI Document Scanner scans vehicle documents, detects predefined fields, and can transfer them automatically into a system. The scanner supports various use cases, including automatic vehicle identification.

Identify vehicles automatically

We support simple and automatic vehicle identification with the TecRMI Document Scanner. The function can currently scan German vehicle documents and recognise various predefined fields and read them out. With the help of the scanner, you can thus identify a vehicle without manually entering the vehicle data, which saves you important time and reduces possible incorrect entries. At the same time, you benefit from reduced effort and more convenience, which further increases the efficiency of your processes.

Easy use of the TecRMI Document Scanner

The TecRMI document scanner is easy to use. To carry out vehicle identification, you need a mobile device with a camera to take a picture of the vehicle registration document or you can use an existing image or PDF file of the vehicle registration document. The document or image only needs to be uploaded to the application for vehicle identification. After uploading, the actual identification is carried out in a few seconds by the TecRMI Document Scanner, which reads the following predefined fields from the certificate of approval – part 1:

  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Date of first registration
  • Licence plate

An extension of the fields to be read out according to your requirements is also possible without any problems.

Also applicable for the scan of the vehicle registration document 

In addition, it is possible to read out the vehicle registration document (certificate of approval – part 2), which is particularly useful in the area of vehicle fleets for simple and fast data collection.

Adaptable to your individual requirements

The TecRMI Document Scanner can be easily integrated into your systems as an interface (API). At the same time, the output parameters mentioned can be extended to suit your application. The scanner thus supports you in automatic vehicle identification and can be adapted to your individual requirements.

“With the TecRMI Document Scanner, we are taking a further step to support your processes. The scanner leads to simple and automated vehicle identification. In addition, we can take your individual workflow processes into account and adapt our solution according to your requirements,” explains Christian Bergmann, Vice President Product Data Manager RMI.

The vehicle scanner is now also available for the TecRMI Service Book

The TecRMI Service Book offers a standardised and simple process for recording online service book entries for currently 14 vehicle manufacturers. We have also integrated the vehicle scanner function into the TecRMI Service Book web application to facilitate the vehicle identification step and thus further simplify and speed up the digital registration process.

If you want to make a new service entry in the TecRMI Service Book application, you have the choice between a manual entry or the automatic reading of the vehicle registration document by the TecRMI Document Scanner. The scanner ensures that the vehicle for which a digital service book entry is to be created is identified within a few seconds. With simple one click on the “Read vehicle registration document” field, you can select the image or document of the vehicle registration document and upload it accordingly. The scanner then fills in the required fields automatically. This saves you the time-consuming step of entering the data manually and enables you to complete the service book entry more quickly.

TecRMI – Technical data for all common vehicle manufacturers

With TecRMI – Repair and Maintenance Information – we offer you comprehensive, manufacturer-compliant repair and maintenance data. Whatever you need, we have the right information for you – thanks to a wide range of technical data from all common vehicle manufacturers for the areas of repair, maintenance and diagnostics. 

If you are interested in more information, visit: TecRMI Document Scanner – TecAlliance