Simplified access to all relevant diagnostic data with the new diagnostics tab

With TecRMI Online we offer comprehensive, manufacturer-compliant repair and maintenance data for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. From now on, you can access the new diagnostics tab function to quickly receive all necessary information related to diagnostic data in a transparent and structured way.

The Diagnostics tab supports and simplifies your repair process

In TecRMI Online you can access information on various categories such as repair manuals, working hours, technical data or circuit diagrams. Navigation is possible by selecting the module or using the tabs at the top of the application. There are various tabs that contain data on specific subjects. The TecRMI assemblies tab allows you to search for the information you need by assemblies and parts instead of searching by module. Additionally, we include the maintenance service tab to simplify the identification of the manufacturer-compliant service for a vehicle with the TecRMI Service Finder. Besides that, the component location tab provides access to the components in the engine compartment whereas the tires tab includes all necessary data regarding wheels and tires.

Since the tabs make it easier to find the necessary information, we have now added a new tab for the diagnosis area. With this new feature you can access manufacturer-compliant TecRMI data on circuit diagrams, fuse and relay assignments, diagnostic data and OBD positions with simply one-click.

Screenshot TecRMI Diagnostics tab

The diagnostics tab enables you to quickly identify the required data for the given vehicle which supports you prior to the actual repair process. With this new feature it will be easier for you to understand the cause and identify the issue correctly. This results in saving time and at the same time following a correct repair process.

All necessary information in the diagnostics area in one place

The diagnostics tab supports with the following information:

OBD position

  • It guides you to find the right position for the diagnostics connector to connect your diagnostics hardware to vehicles` electronics and be able to read the error codes

Diagnostics data

  • In this area, you can search standard and vehicle specific error codes that are identified by the diagnostics hardware. Additionally, short explanations regarding the meaning of this error and how to solve the issue will be displayed
  • We offer access to engine management diagnostic values for actuators and sensors, so that important measurements of critical components can be done in an easy and standardized way
  • Guidelines to check and see if everything is working properly regarding exhaust gas values are provided as well

Tips & Tricks

  • You can find customized tips such us a detailed list of trouble codes as well as key coding (immobilizer, key synchronizing..) instructions under this section depending on the vehicle selection

 Component position

  • This section offers detailed visualization of the engine compartment. You can therefore directly identify the location and detailed information about the problematic component and start making necessary maintenance & repair steps
  • Thanks to the integrated linkages you have the possibility to find further diagnostics data and wiring diagrams regarding the selected component

Fuse & relay assignment

  • Assignment visuals for fuses & relays are covered in this section. You can select the right sub-section to find the right component, which allows you to see fuse and relay positions as well as possible wiring diagrams via linkages

General diagnostics

  • This section covers repair instructions for system components like fuel system, air intake system and sensors or actuators
  • You have access to a list of general test instructions to run standardized tests on certain components
  • A guided fault search supports to directly find the observed problem within a list of fault definitions and immediately find the repair instructions for this problem

Wiring diagrams

  • Detailed technical drawings for control units, actuators and sensors can be accessed here. The data commonly covers engine management components, heater/air-conditioning system and braking system

SOS manuals

  • Various technical notes regarding the power supply and engine management topics are covered in this section. Data also includes labor time and spare parts information for the given jobs

Access valuable repair and maintenance information

You can easily and conveniently access the technical data of all common vehicle manufacturers in the areas of repair, mechanics, maintenance and diagnostics via our web application TecRMI Online. The online application provides direct access to our comprehensive TecRMI database of repair and maintenance information. You will find all required information in the areas of passenger cars and commercial vehicles thanks to the user-friendly interface and the intuitive functions, which are specially tailored to the workshop needs.

Are you interested in TecRMI Online and would you like to test the functions? Visit our TecRMI Online page to find out more and make an appointment with our TecRMI experts: TecRMI Online – TecAlliance