Simple and reliable verification of SMR invoices with TecFleet

We proudly present the release of our new module, TecFleet Invoice Verification. This enables leasing companies and fleet operators to easily and reliably check invoices for service, maintenance, and repair (SMR) work. Automation of the invoice approval process brings several important advantages. It reduces manual data entry errors, streamlines the approval process and improves accuracy and efficiency. It also provides better visibility and control over financial processes while helping companies to save time and money.

Our TecFleet Portal supports fleet companies, fleet operators and insurance companies in all SMR processes. The intelligent data and services enable significant cost savings and more efficient processes.

The web-based solution offers access to reference values, labour times and spare parts prices for all common manufacturers. In addition, the portal contains manufacturer-compliant repair and maintenance data so that it can automatically calculate manufacturer-defined overlap jobs and the spare parts required to perform the service. Based on daily updated OE data, cost estimates can be checked online quickly and conveniently.

The new Invoice Verification module enables largely automated invoice approval. The workshop can provide an invoice either as a PDF or as a structured data record via the TecFleet Portal. The invoices are formally checked for VAT and country-specific requirements. The factual correctness is also checked based on the contents of TecRMI (e.g. spare parts, prices, labour times) and individually set rules and tolerances. Depending on the settings, invoices can be automatically released or rejected. An e-mail informs the customer of the result. This significantly speeds up the settlement of workshop invoices.

“For large fleets, automated invoice verification offers enormous savings potential. Sometimes processing incoming invoices brings enormous costs in time and money; these can be significantly reduced.”

Jan Scherb, Product Owner • Fleet Manager

Automated job management with TecFleet EASY

The new Invoice Verification module is the complementary extension to the existing job management module EASY. This module optimises the process of approving workshop quotes for service, maintenance and repair works. It connects fleet-internal decision makers online and in real time with their preferred authorised and independent workshops. Based on the manufacturer-compliant data and enriched with agreed conditions, user-specific settings and defined rules, jobs can be released automatically by the system or manually.

The automatic approval of error-free workshop quotes and the standardised and automated transfer of job data simplify and accelerate the processes. All jobs are stored in the electronic vehicle file and can be retrieved at any time, providing a complete maintenance history for the daily work. Short approval times make a positive contribution to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Full control with PowerBI and telematics data

The integrated PowerBI reporting functionality allows to analyse the approval activities easily and quickly. This gives an overview of fleet-internal developments to identify any weak points or problem areas. That leads to bigger transparency and allows to develop additional measures to increase efficiency.

The integration of telematics data from CARUSO, the neutral, open and secure marketplace for automotive data, creates additional optimisation opportunities. Based on data such as actual mileage, vehicle position, fuel consumption or loading status, fleet operators can implement innovative use cases in their vehicle management and reduce operating costs.

To learn more about the advantages of process automation with TecFleet get in touch with our experts.