Record-breaking attendance and key highlights: Recap of the successful TecCom User Group 2023

We are delighted to share the key moments from our successful TecCom User Group, held on May 10 and 11 in Frankfurt, Germany. This year’s event exceeded all expectations, with a record-breaking attendance of 70 participants from both the buyer and supplier sides.

The User Group brought together industry experts to share knowledge, discuss new trends and learn about the latest TecCom solutions. One of the focal points of this year’s meeting was the presentation of Order Pro – TXML 5.0, an important milestone that introduces a revamped message format. This update opens new possibilities and increases the efficiency of communication between buyers and suppliers. Another part of Order Pro is the TecCom Excellence Program, which validates and certifies a supplier’s message quality and process compliance based on the TecCom standard. On this topic, Profi Parts provided insights into what the consequences are from a dealer’s perspective if TecCom’s business rules are not followed.

In addition to the presentation of Order Pro, the User Group also featured interesting presentations on our innovative cloud solutions such as Cloud Invoice and TecCom Business Cloud. Attendees had the opportunity to explore how these technologies can streamline their processes and improve collaboration throughout the supply chain.

A highlight of the event was the panel discussion on TecCom returns with insightful contributions from TMD Friction and EUROPART Group. The discussion addressed strategies for optimizing returns processes and maximizing customer satisfaction.

At the end of the day, asellerate presented insights into the possibilities of e-commerce in the future and introduced the associated cooperation between asellerate and TecAlliance.

To encourage networking, the first day of the User Group ended with a delicious BBQ that created a relaxed atmosphere for attendees to exchange and make new connections.

On the second day, the event continued with the SAP Expert Group for Suppliers. This session focused on the intricacies of Order Pro and the exciting opportunities it offers for suppliers.

Looking ahead, we are already excited about the next TecCom User Group, scheduled for May 2024.