Promoting sustainability and dialogue: A Visit By Legislator Dr. Sebastian Schäfer

Government officials are taking initiatives to promote sustainability practices in various industries in a world where environmental concerns are at the forefront. As a positive example of a positive dialogue between government officials and economic actors, TecAlliance was honoured to recently host Dr. Sebastian Schäfer, Member of the German Bundestag, of Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, at its Weikersheim office in Germany. This visit was part of Dr. Schäfer’s tour of the Main-Tauber region, which aimed to promote an interchange on sustainable business practices and to address the potential barriers that businesses may be facing. Accompanying him on the tour was Ghanaian entrepreneur MacCarthy Mac-Gbathy, who brought a unique perspective to the discussions.

It is a rare phenomenon that political actors visit companies and actively listen to businesses perspective on current market situations and political environments. Therefore, the visit by a member of the German Bundestag in our Weikersheim office was a significant deal for our representatives. Prior to the meeting, TecAlliance’s Ralf Pelkmann, EVP Information Management, thoroughly prepared a presentation for the official visit. The infrequent nature of a face-to-face conversation with a member of the German Bundestag gave us the impression that we had to report to a superior entity. But shortly after we welcomed our guests on this cloudless hot summer day and had the first coffee, the conversation became for us what it ought to be in the first place: A great dialogue between complementary parts of society.

TecAlliance’s sustainability initiatives in a nutshell

Ralf Pelkmann demonstrated the strides TecAlliance has made in adopting sustainable practices, showcasing how the company incorporates renewable energy and environmentally friendly technologies into their operations. The focus of the discussions revolved around the electrification of TecAlliance’s car parc, implementation of solar panels, and the utilisation of eco-friendly energy from renewable sources. This year alone, TecAlliance plans to invest another 800,000 euros in Weikersheim for the expansion of the PV system above the parking spaces, 20 e-mobility charging points and battery storage. “In order to actively save C02, employees already benefit from a job bike option, freely available e-charging points at the site and a company car scheme that promotes e-mobility, Pelkmann emphasised. The flexible home office arrangement alone is expected to save 209 tons of climate-damaging CO2 per year, and the use of the company building’s own electricity is expected to save another 60 tons. These initiatives align with TecAlliance’s long-standing commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and ensuring environmental stewardship.

A key objective of Dr. Sebastian Schäfer’s tour was to engage in meaningful conversations with companies and listen to their concerns. TecAlliance had the opportunity to discuss general business activities and address any obstacles they faced in their pursuit of not only sustainability issues but also regulatory frameworks of the automotive aftermarket industry within globalised supply chains and the European Union. The open and constructive dialogue allowed the company to share its experiences, achievements, and challenges related to sustainable and regulatory practices. Dr. Schäfer listened attentively and assured the company of his party’s commitment to promoting sustainable development through legislation.

The presence of MacCarthy Mac-Gbathy, an entrepreneur from Ghana, added a global perspective to the discussions. Mac-Gbathy, shared his successful experiences in supplying TecAlliance with Information Technology specialists from Africa for past internships. Recognising the vast potential in this partnership, the meeting corroborated the foundation for closer collaboration and knowledge exchange.

This visit served as an excellent example of how companies and government officials can work together to create a greener and more sustainable future. By fostering such dialogues, encouraging sustainable business practices, and implementing supportive policies, we can collectively strive towards a more environmentally conscious world. Time flew by as our visitors had to leave for the next company, where, we assume, representatives also prepared their presentations over-rigorously only to find that a visit from a government official is not an exam but a great place to start important and fruitful conversations.

TecAlliance is proud of its activities in the realm of corporate social responsibility. Our activities become clear in achieving the silver medal in this year’s EcoVadis sustainability rating. This honor puts us in the top 25 % of the more than 100,000 companies evaluated worldwide. Read our blob below to find out more about TecAlliance’s sustainability efforts: