Premier Data Suppliers: Excellent data quality on the rise

We are so happy to announce that 165 leading parts brands in our TecDoc Catalogue are now “Premier Data Suppliers”. They were awarded the title during the last evaluation in December 2021. The seal of quality, which we introduced in summer 2021, demonstrates the excellent quality of the product data.

Andreas Assmann, our Director Data Quality Management, explains: “We are very pleased that the percentage of ‘Premier Data Suppliers’ has increased by 63 percent in just three months. This means that our Data Quality Management (DQM) measures are having an effect and we are getting closer to our goal: Together with our industry partners, we want to achieve that the catalogue systems in the independent automotive aftermarket become more and more reliable, thus increasing customer satisfaction at the point of service. With precise and complete product information, the user can quickly find the right replacement part. This leads to more sales and fewer returns,” says Assmann.

The supplier evaluation is carried out quarterly. We are committed to fully supporting all data suppliers to achieve the Premier Data Supplier status to meet point-of-service (PoS) information requirements with their product data.

More information about our Data Quality Management initiative is available at

Premier Data Suppliers (DR-2021_12)