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Digitisation is on everyone’s lips as it is progressing steadily. It is bringing about numerous changes in society and the economy: many tasks that used to be done by people are being automated. While some professions are becoming superfluous, other new job profiles are emerging. Companies are taking advantage of digitisation to optimise business processes and work more efficiently.

“The analysis of existing processes is all about identifying potential for improvement along our value chain.”

Marcel Aurnhammer, Lead Global Business Applications and Processes ERP/CRM/HR

Our thoughts and actions are driven by digitisation. We are an innovative medium-sized company that relies on future-proof technologies to drive innovation and growth. Our software solutions support automotive parts manufacturers, wholesalers and workshops in meeting their challenges. Be it digitisation, process optimisation or e-commerce. We proudly look back on many years of experience in data research, data preparation and data standardisation. This knowledge combined with data digitisation encourages us to confidently face the new challenges that come with transformation and digitisation.

For us, this means putting internal business procedures and processes to the test. This is where our business applications engineers are in their element. They identify what it takes to make our business processes more transparent, faster and more efficient for the benefit of our internal customers.

“The analysis of existing processes is all about identifying potential for improvement along our value chain. Where can we become faster and work more effectively to serve our customers even better?” explains Marcel Aurnhammer, Lead Global Business Applications and Processes ERP/CRM/HR at TecAlliance. “But before we change anything, it is important to find out why our colleagues do the things the way they do.”

As a rule, employees pursue rational interests with their behaviour. They want to solve their tasks in the best possible way under the given conditions. Our Business Applications Engineers are specialised in discovering optimisation potential in business processes. They develop processes and create solutions for business challenges. Marcel sums it up: “It’s always about doing the right things and doing things right.”

First, it is important to understand how the current processes work. In a next step, process analysis identifies weaknesses. Then priorities for improvements are set.

Practical experience shows that specific changes can often be implemented directly to quickly increase the quality and efficiency of the processes. It is also important to monitor improvements regularly because this is the only way to ensure that they actually achieve the desired results.

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Therefore, you should come to TecAlliance

Our employees are our most important success factor. They work together in multinational and multifunctional teams with a common goal in mind: to digitise the entire automotive aftermarket and shape its future. It is important to us to work well together. We are result- and customer-oriented with the freedom to work creatively and manage ourselves. Yes, we have fun doing it.

We promote an appreciative corporate culture, work responsibly and treat each other with respect. Independent work and the competent support of dynamic teams go hand in hand.

Mobile and hybrid working, working in a home office, on the road and on site are part of our everyday professional life so that work and private life can be individually harmonised.

Accept the challenge of personal growth

We owe our growing success to our core competencies. Our collaboration is characterised by cooperation at eye level, open and transparent communication, entrepreneurial thinking, (self-) reflection and personal responsibility. We look for these attitudes in our new team members.

We trust in the willingness of everyone to develop their own strengths and the curiosity to learn and develop. Our open feedback culture helps to discover new development potential. We offer diverse perspectives for professional and personal development in a working environment characterised by collegiality and trust.