On the Quest For Talent – TecAlliance @ Career Fairs

You can be as good as you want as a confectioner, but a cake can only be as good as its ingredients. Translating this analogy into our profession, delivering the best services in the automotive aftermarket requires stellar components from start to finish. The principal part of our services is the immediate result of human labor, which, in return, means that we need to get the best talents for our company to ensure our competitive edge. Being a German medium-sized enterprise that does not deliver a world-renowned commodity (like, e.g., Coca-Cola), we need to be present where bright minds gather to get in touch with young people interested in pursuing a stable career. Career fairs are great places to start, and in April 2022, we joined one of these.

The first fair we attended as exhibitors was BIT in the beautiful baroque German city of Würzburg. BIT aims to provide practice-oriented information to those seeking apprenticeships at all kinds of schools and introduce them to a wide array of professions. The regional addressing of the event suits perfectly for a company like TecAlliance, which aspires to recruit many talents in the surrounding region of Würzburg for its headquarters in Weikersheim. Conversations with interested visitors were fruitful, and many expressed their interest in IT-driven careers like system integrators. Furthermore, participants appeared particularly interested in internships and workshops in our offices. So, we definitely will offer a lot more of these in the future.