OE Germany increases brand awareness with TecDoc Catalogue

OE Germany, headquartered in Esslingen, near Stuttgart, has been active in the international independent aftermarket since 2010. Since then, the company has grown continuously. Already in the first year of the company’s history, OE Germany participated in the Automechanika Frankfurt and launched its own product range. The business areas of OE Germany are broadly diversified: from automotive, industry, agriculture, construction machinery, shipping to mining and quarrying – the company has the right engine components and parts in its portfolio. 

In 2020 OE Germany decided to take the next important step towards growth. The brand’s range is now present in the TecDoc Catalogue, one of the world’s leading automotive spare parts catalogues. The search for suitable spare parts from the OE Germany range in the TecDoc Catalogue is quick and easy, and customers benefit from the precise identification of vehicles and parts. The new version 3.0 of the TecDoc Catalogue, which has been available on the market since January 2019, is designed to be even more user-friendly and intuitive to operate and has been supplemented with up-to-date and comprehensive repair and maintenance information at all times.

“In recent years, we have made the OE Germany brand known with great dynamism and brought it to the markets globally. Now it is time to take the next step, together with TecDoc.“

Mario Jahn, Managing Director OE Germany

Increased market presence and brand awareness with the help of TecDoc Catalogue

By taking this step, the expert in the field of engines and engine components increases the visibility and findability of his products at the point of sale, broadens the range and opens up new markets, which contributes to expanding sales.

OE Germany specializes in heavy components and parts for diesel engines in the commercial vehicle and industrial engine sectors. The core product range, which is marketed worldwide under its own brand “OE Germany”, includes in particular crankcases, crankshafts, cylinder heads, connecting rods, camshafts, oil and water pumps, cylinder liners, oil coolers, compressors, compressor parts and valve train parts.

Mario Jahn, Managing Director of OE Germany explains: “OE Germany has chosen TecDoc to further enhance the visibility and awareness of the brand. In addition, many customers require TecDoc as a data basis to list dealers as suppliers. In recent years, we have made the OE Germany brand known with great dynamism and brought it to the markets globally. Now it is time to take the next step, together with TecDoc. “

OE Germany has set itself the goal of expanding its market presence in the independent aftermarket and strengthening its brand awareness both nationally and internationally. The TecDoc Catalogue makes a considerable contribution to this.

In the long term, the aim is to achieve greater transparency in the range of services offered and to guarantee the relevant applications on the market.

OE Germany Headquarters

Globalisation and digitisation as important development drivers

The independent aftermarket has repeatedly confronted OE Germany with new challenges over the past few years. Globalisation and digitisation have called for a rethink. Today OE Germany offers its customers digital solutions and interfaces in addition to a broad product portfolio. To this end, the company has continuously developed its structures and processes and adapted them to market conditions. Within 10 years, it has built up a worldwide network in over 140 countries.

Future IAM developments offer great opportunities

From the point of view of OE Germany, a special opportunity lies in the expected developments in the automotive aftermarket. Both customers and employees will benefit equally from the increasing degree of digitization at OE Germany. In addition to a predicted increase in the number of trucks sold worldwide, efficient fleet management will continue to be a high priority in the market. Electrification will have to be part of the strategic roadmap, especially for certain countries in Central Europe. Market consolidation and platform strategies – especially in the engine sector – will also continue to play an important role. Understanding and transparency of the respective data and applications are the main focus for OE Germany.

For OE Germany this means further expanding its position. On the one hand, the company’s global footprint offers broad-based potential, and on the other hand, this results in a multitude of market accesses that can be used in particular to establish and expand additional products and sales channels.

Open up new markets and sales channels with the TecDoc Catalogue

Over the next five years, OE Germany intends to further expand its market position in its strategically important countries and regions. In cooperation with TecAlliance and the placement of product data in the TecDoc Catalogue, the company wants to open up new markets and sales channels, some of which it still occupies on the periphery today. This includes in particular increasing brand awareness and expanding the existing product portfolio. “We continue to see TecAlliance as an important partner in the implementation of our digitization strategy. In this area, many things will continue to change with great dynamism in the coming years and we are pleased to have TecAlliance as a sparring partner at our side,” says Mario Jahn. We support OE Germany in structuring the existing product portfolio even better with necessary supplementary information such as vehicle uses, engine codes, etc. and making it available to customers.

Data maintenance with our professional tools

Data suppliers must meet high quality requirements with regard to their data, so that the precision of spare part identification is maintained at all times. The basis is the TecDoc standard data format, which has stood for the highest data quality in the Independent Automotive Aftermarket (IAM) for 25 years now. TecAlliance provides spare parts manufacturers with various data management solutions for the professional preparation and maintenance of product and article data in TecDoc format and for feeding it into the TecDoc Catalogue. Depending on the version, these solutions have a more or less comprehensive scope of services.