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Here you’ll find all information about TecAlliance appointments.

The following files are password-protected and can be downloaded from the TecAlliance customer area after initial registration.

Interface descriptions

  • TecDoc-Data-Format_Version_2.4_EN_incl_DeltaRef
    Document Version: 1.2 of August, 31th 2018
    The document describes the current exchange format TAF 2.4 and contains additions for the first version of the rollout of the 3.0 formats from April 2019. Please also read the mailing from August 2018 (see “General Mailings for Data Users and Data Suppliers”).
  • TecAlliance-Informationmodel_Version_3.0_EN
    Documentation of the Information Model 3.0 as a basis for future data exchange formats for the exchange of reference data and catalogue data. Further information can be found in the August 2018 mailing and the Data Distribution Wiki.
    The document is available in English only until further notice.
  • TecDoc-Version_3.0_Migration_EN
    Documentation of the entire migration process from TAF 2.4 format to the exchange formats based on the Information Model 3.0.
    The documentation is available in english only.

Change Reports & Remain2Delete

Change Reports & Remain2Delete list for the reference data

  • Change Reports RD 1118
    Information about changes, additions and deletions with vehicles, generic articles and criteria in the current Data Maintenance Module.
  • Remain2Delete RD 1118
    Information on deletions of vehicles, generic articles and criteria in the current Data Maintenance Module.

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In the future the solution OrderLocal (TecLocal) will not be further developed and we recommend you to switch to our solution Order Web.

OrderLocal Software

The order software for buyer and supplier. Buyers can use OrderLocal as a standalone or network solution, whereat the network solution requires a MS SQL (Express) or Oracle database.

Order Local 4.0.13

The current version

Order Local 4.0 – MultiUserDatabase Tool

The user can create the TecLocal database structure on the MS SQL server and use the migration option to transfer data from a previous TecLocal Version 3.0 with MS Access database.

Order Local Documentation

Accessories for Local

Import of Orders

Catalogue Inferfaces (IFD)

Sending and receiving reverse messages