New TecRMI Comfort Wiring Diagrams support mechanics

Vehicles nowadays feature a large number of comfort systems. Therefore, wiring diagrams which are user-friendly and easy to understand are required. TecRMI has therefore adapted and optimised the Comfort Wiring Diagrams accordingly.

Manufacturer-compliant diagrams for a wide range of topics

The TecRMI Comfort Wiring Diagrams have been optimized to provide enhanced support. With TecRMI you can access wiring diagrams for different topics like:

  • Power supply
  • High-voltage systems
  • Exterior/Interior Lighting
  • Start/Charge

All Comfort Wiring Diagrams are manufacturer-compliant and standardized to ensure uniform diagrams.

Benefit from an improved coverage and layout

In general, you benefit from a wider range of content as well as from a optimized usability. A much higher number of diagrams are covered, especially for more current vehicles. The new layout and the included cable colours lead to a better orientation and support in diverse workshop-jobs. Thanks to our regular updates you benefit from new diagrams every month.

TecRMI – Technical data of all common vehicle manufacturers

With TecRMI – Repair and Maintenance Information (RMI), we offer comprehensive, manufacturer-compliant repair and maintenance data. Whatever you need, we have the right information for you – thanks to a wide range of technical data from all common vehicle manufacturers for the areas of repair, maintenance and diagnostics.