More efficiency in fleet management with TecFleet

TecFleet offers digital solutions with high added value for all relevant service, maintenance and repair processes in the fleet and leasing sector. Future operating costs for a vehicle can be calculated based on manufacturer-compliant data. TecFleet also enables a plausibility check for invoices and automated processing of workshop orders. In this way, we support and automate your work steps, which leads to an increase in efficiency and cost optimisation.

Manufacturer-compliant cost planning and calculation for maintenance and wear and tear

With the manufacturer-compliant data of our SMART module, we offer the basis for the calculation and planning of expected maintenance and wear costs of vehicles. This enables you to estimate the future operating costs for vehicles. The maintenance and wear information includes manufacturer-compliant maintenance and repair values (fluids, maintenance and wear parts as well as labour times), which supports you in the calculation of a full-service leasing rate. For the calculation, you only need to select the vehicle and specify the contract period and mileage. Based on predefined, individual parameters, TecFleet’s algorithm calculates the expected service, maintenance and repair costs. The TecFleet solution can also be easily integrated into your applications via an interface and is compatible with various contract management systems.

Check invoices against manufacturer specifications

Fleet and leasing companies are often faced with the challenge of checking invoices for maintenance or repairs carried out on a vehicle. We support you with the QUICK module to check invoices for plausibility. With the help of manufacturer-compliant information from the TecFleet database, you can check the invoices manually. In addition, it is also possible to carry out the invoice check automatically, which is particularly useful for you if you have a large number of invoices. The check is carried out using our manufacturer-compliant maintenance and repair data and refers to the following check points:

  • Work items
  • part numbers and
  • part prices.

These aspects are checked for plausibility taking into account available hourly billing rates, fluid prices or other criteria. The vehicle’s first registration or mileage can be used to determine whether the work carried out was actually due in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. During the check, the intelligent overlap calculation ensures that related work steps are not included twice in the calculation for a maintenance or repair. TecFleet’s invoice verification therefore reduces your administrative workload, which saves your company time and money.

Automated approval of workshop orders

The EASY module enables you to process workshop orders and invoices automatically. The release and communication platform of EASY connects your internal decision-makers online and in real time with the workshops you work with. Orders can be checked and even automatically released on the basis of agreed conditions, user-specific settings and defined rules. Further functionalities, such as chat and document upload, offer you an easy way to exchange information and quickly clarify queries. The automatic release of error-free workshop orders and the standardised and automated transfer of order and invoice data simplify and accelerate your processes. You thus benefit from improved planning reliability, greater transparency as well as improved time management. All orders are also stored in the electronic vehicle file and can be retrieved at any time, providing a complete maintenance history.

Efficient cost planning and control

TecFleet’s solutions support you with manufacturer-compliant information by enabling cost planning and control in relation to maintenance and wear and tear costs. In addition, your invoice verification is facilitated and an automated order release is made possible. Overall, TecFleet leads to an optimisation of your processes and thus also to an increase in efficiency. You can also save costs by saving resources and reducing administrative work.

TecFleet- Fleet management solutions with high added value

TecFleet offers digital solutions with high added value for the fleet and leasing market in relation to all relevant service, maintenance and repair processes, enabling unprecedented automation. All functionalities can be used as a web application in our TecFleet Portal, but can also be flexibly integrated into your system landscape via web services. The application can be administered by the users themselves, is multi-user capable and is available in 24 languages throughout Europe.