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MEYLE Optimises its Process with our TecCom Excellence Program

MEYLE AG, a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-quality spare parts for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, has successfully completed the TecCom Excellence Program, becoming the first supplier to achieve a 5-star certification. We spoke with Mr Apel, SAP Key User Sales and Distribution at MEYLE AG, about MEYLE’s journey and the significant benefits the company has achieved by working with our experts and implementing the TecCom Excellence Program.

What is the story behind MEYLE AG? What does the company stand for?

MEYLE AG, a Wulf Gaertner Autoparts AG company, produces and distributes high-quality spare parts for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles for the independent aftermarket. With its MEYLE ORIGINAL, MEYLE PD and MEYLE HD product lines, the company offers custom-fit solutions worldwide.

In its own factories and in cooperation with selected partners, 24,000 reliable spare parts are produced, resulting in the extensive MEYLE range. MEYLE parts can be found in workshops in 120 countries. MEYLE’s sustainability management aims to be carbon neutral by 2030. In 2022, the company celebrated the 20th anniversary of the MEYLE HD product line and introduced the first certified climate-neutral product line for chassis and steering.

Which TecAlliance Solutions does MEYLE use and since when?

We have been connected to TecCom and TecRMI for over 15 years. In addition, we have been providing all article-related data in the TecDoc catalogue since 2002. Since the end of 2022, we have been offering our customers the TecCom CMD for the data exchange of article, price and inventory data.

Tim Apel, SAP Key User Sales and Distribution MEYLE AG

How has order management developed in the past? What impact did TecCom have on this?

In the past, orders came in by phone, fax, and even e-mail, and often required clarification afterwards. Poorly legible faxes, typing errors or even poor sound quality in the telephone conversation made clarifying exactly which part was needed a special adventure. With the increasing integration of digital methods, we were able to implement more security and reliability very quickly. The majority of our incoming orders reach us via TecCom, which eliminates most manual order processing tasks. Orders received by mail are decreasing every week as more and more customers decide to use TecCom.

You have taken the next step and chosen to participate in the TecCom Excellence Program to assess and certify message quality and process compliance. What were the reasons behind your decision?

Just like with our products, we are always committed to delivering the highest possible quality to our customers. Therefore, it was clear to us that we wanted to assess and improve our message quality on the TecCom platform. The Excellence Program is ideal for this purpose as it thoroughly examines all processes and aligns them with the platform’s rules and regulations.

How did the TecCom team support you in improving the message quality?

After the project kickoff, TecAlliance and MEYLE worked intensively on the implementation. The TecCom team effectively conveyed their expertise to us, explaining the rationale behind specific validation rules and presenting various options for meeting them. They always took our existing processes into account and found tailored solutions.

What benefits have you experienced with the TecCom Excellence Program?

The improvements made as part of the Excellence Program have enabled us to work more efficiently and accurately in many areas and thus meet our customers’ requirements even better. At the same time, the Excellence Program has highlighted to us the wide range of options available in the TecCom solutions. This empowers us to fulfill all customer demands and actively drive forward the digitization of data exchange.

Do you have any other projects planned with TecAlliance?

We are currently continuing to work on the expansion of TecCom CMD in other markets and TXML 5.0 will also be addressed in the near future.

“Our TecCom Excellence Program guarantees suppliers’ message quality and process conformity, resulting in a certificate that sets them apart in the automotive aftermarket. With higher customer satisfaction, participants in the TecCom Excellence program gain a competitive advantage and access more business opportunities through a 5-star rating system that highlights exceptional message quality.”

Dr. Loïc Winterhalter, Specialist Solution Manager / Product Owner at TecAlliance GmbH


MEYLE’s collaboration with TecAlliance to achieve 5-star certification as part of the TecCom Excellence Program demonstrates the company’s commitment to excellence and continuous improvement. Through digital transformation, optimization of data exchange processes and deployment of TecAlliance solutions, MEYLE has significantly improved its operational efficiency, data quality and customer satisfaction. MEYLE’s success serves as an inspiration to other suppliers in the industry and demonstrates the tangible benefits that can be achieved through collaboration and compliance with industry standards.