Major update of South African heavy-duty data in the TecDoc Catalogue

We are committed to provide the most detailed and up-to-date information on aftermarket parts. All over the world customers benefit from quick and correct vehicle identification thanks to a wide range of standardized international identification options. 

We are proud that the South African aftermarket community is steadily growing: As part of this development, we were able to update the whole South African car parc in 2019 for the first time. Furthermore, we initiated discussions with domestic replacement parts manufacturers on joining the TecDoc Catalogue as a data supplier. Besides commercial vehicle and light vehicle data, our TecDoc database offers fully specified truck data for tractors, buses, heavy equipment, etc. that circulate within the South African territory/on the African continent. 

Our experts put a lot of work into the heavy-duty vehicle data (TecDoc N-Types) and are still adapting the whole South African car parc. This is why we would like to prepare our customers for the next step: Some technical changes and data updates are needed to guarantee the outstanding quality our customers expect and deserve and that wealways strive to deliver.

As of December 2021, only the most accurate data for trucks that are relevant for the South African market will be in the TecDoc database, i.e. data for around 875 heavy-duty vehicles.  All our data suppliers can easily link their parts to it.

Stay tuned – more HDV data improvement to come in 2022!