Launch of new TecDoc Catalogue for Central America

Being the leading data management specialist in the independent automotive aftermarket, we are excited to launch a new version of the TecDoc Catalogue Central America. As a worldwide unique functionality, the new catalog now also displays data in the AutoCare Association standard ACES & PIES in addition to the globally accepted TecDoc standard. With its intuitive, user-friendly design and search functionality, the TecDoc Catalogue provides an outstanding user experience. It is the ideal end-to-end system for accurate part identification for replacement part manufacturers, traders, and workshops, helping them sell more parts and make things easy for their customers. The access is free of charge for all users.

In Mexico and Central America, TecDoc is the most recognized parts catalog. It contains comprehensive product information, high-quality images and videos of 230 brands belonging to 148 renowned parts manufacturers in Central America. The database includes all the vehicles sold in Central America as well as the used vehicles imported from the United States, better known in the market as “chocolate vehicles”.

TecDoc provides different search options to quickly find the correct replacement part: search by make and model, original equipment number, product family and cross-reference. The TecDoc Catalogue is the best option for any repair professional who is looking for business optimization.

You can trust to always get the highest quality product data and article information, provided, and updated directly by the part manufacturers with a presence in Mexico and Central America. TecDoc is the only replacement parts catalog available in the market that has the power to integrate data produced in the TecDoc standard or the ACES & PIES standard. Traders can easily design their own webshops and online catalogs with individual branding and design, integrating both TecDoc and ACES & PIES data into their web applications.

The TecDoc Catalogue Central America is available in English and Spanish and can be accessed free of charge after registration:

Screenshot TecDoc Catalogue Centro América