Joining forces with ADD industry to accelerate digital transformation

ADD Industry is a manufacturer and provider of integrated services for the automotive aftermarket, offering holistic solutions for strut assembly. Its product range includes shock absorbers, rubber bushings and engine accessories, with shock absorbers being the main product. Currently, ADD Industry’s business is developing in all continents of the world and gaining great recognition in various markets. The outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020 not only brought challenges to the company but also opportunities for digital transformation. To this end, ADD Industry we’ve worked together to accelerate the company’s digital transformation. Our professional data support has greatly increased ADD’s market share in the aftermarket, with sales volume increasing by more than 50%.

“Over the past 26 years, we have always followed the idea of “ADD Value for Customers” and brought shock absorbers for Chinese cars to an international level. Our products are highly appreciated by markets in 67 countries and regions around the world, and we provide professional services to our customers.”, says Liu Yong, General Manager of ADD Industry. “To better serve our customers while developing our original competitive brand, ADD Industry also launched PRT, a high-end brand, in 2019 to meet customers with different needs.” PTR, a new brand launched by ADD Industry in 2019, has developed rapidly, with sales increasing at a high rate every year. Such an achievement is indeed very remarkable. When asked why ADD Industry launched a new brand, Liu Yong replies as follows: “With the improvement of China’s international status and image, Chinese enterprises have gained more development advantages in the international market; moreover, ADD Industry has achieved a qualitative improvement in its technical competitiveness and service capacity in recent years. We hope that we can meet the different needs of our customers. PRT, as a high-end brand, wants to provide more high-end service to customers.”

As everyone is aware, the COVID-19 pandemic has been going around the world since late 2019. From most people’s perspective, the epidemic has brought certain negative impacts for export companies like ADD Industry. However, ADD Industry has seized the opportunities presented by the crisis. Although the epidemic has greatly hindered communication between different countries and regions and the ability to personally communicate with customers, it has also created a good opportunity for the processing primary industry to return to China at an accelerated pace.

Therefore, Zhu Xu, Marketing Manager of ADD Industry, believes: “The COVID-19 pandemic has erected some physical barriers and caused us inconvenience in communicating with customers, but in reality, it is also a unique opportunity for scaled export companies like ADD Industry, providing us with a very good opportunity for digital transformation.  We have used this time to transform the company towards intellectualisation and digitalisation, and it is precisely on this occasion that we have deepened our collaboration with TecAlliance to support our digital transformation.”

ADD general manager Liu Yong

“When operating the new PRT brand, Europe and the United States are still our biggest market at the moment”, says Liu Yong, General Manager of ADD Industry. He has a clear goal for PRT in the market. To promote the growth of the brand, ADD Industry decided to cooperate with us in the standardisation of the database at the beginning of the establishment of PRT to provide efficient feedback to all customers, which directly contributed to the improvement of ADD Industry’s performance. “We chose TecAlliance as our partner because we know that the company has strong competitiveness in the whole aftermarket data industry, and we believe that TecAlliance is a professional and reliable cooperation partner. We have done other types of data cooperation with TecAlliance before,” commented Zhu Xu, Marketing Manager of ADD Industry.

ADD Industry headquarter

In the second half of 2020, ADD Industry contacted our team in China with the intention of becoming a data supplier for the European market. It took less than 6 months from the first meeting to data sorting and enhancement and then to storing PRT data in the TecDoc catalogue. After the inclusion of PRT in the TecDoc catalogue, the awareness of ADD and the PRT brand among customers improved significantly. Later, we also provided data support for PRT in the North American market by offering OE survey and data mapping services. “By working with TecAlliance’s data support, ADD’s market share in the aftermarket has increased significantly. The most important point is that the company’s sales volume has increased by more than 50% in recent years,” said Marketing Manager Zhu Xu.

ADD is not only one of our data suppliers, we will also work together on developing ADD’s overseas business in the future. ADD Industry is a global company with a business presence in about 70 countries and regions around the world. As an international data company, we are a perfect match for ADD’s development strategy as we are able to provide data services in all regions of the world. Thereafter, we are happy to cooperate in the Southeast Asian market and to support ADD with data analytics software.

“The future development of the ADD industry will be based on three main directions: First, we will stick to smart manufacturing. We will build our own industrial aftermarket, manufacturing park, making digitalisation, specialisation and informatisation an integral part of the entire manufacturing process; secondly, we will work towards a global value-added service. We will establish distribution and logistics centres around the world to be closer to our customers and build our value service network in all regions of the world. Third, we will encourage Chinese brands to go abroad. We hope our own brand can become global; therefore, we are committed to enhancing our brand capability to truly become a pacesetter for Chinese brands and ‘Made in China’ products to serve customers around the world.”, says Liu Yong, General Manager of ADD Industry.