How Vitobello Ricambi strengthens its position in the IAM 

What is the best way to build product visibility and sell more parts in the Independent Automotive Aftermarket (IAM)? The answer is TecDoc.   

For many companies, building product visibility and increasing sales can be challenging in the IAM.  To address these challenges, Vitobello Ricambi, an Italian manufacturer of mechanic components for cars and commercial vehicles has recently joined TecDoc as a data supplier.  

Founded in 1972 in Romagna, Italy, the company has been operating for over 50 years and offers a wide range of products, such as rocker arms, gaskets, crankshafts, semi-complete and complete engines, and much more. The products of Vitobello Ricambi are verified, labelled, and coded with recognition codes, ensuring high quality and reliability. 

The road to success 

To stay competitive in the IAM, Vitobello Ricambi offers the following to its customers:  

  • A reliable shipping service, actively cooperating with major domestic and international carriers to ensure short delivery times. 
  • Customer support/ aftersales service, able to support the customer in case of post-sale issues and always ready to support the customer throughout the warranty or return of the goods. 
  • A wide range of aftermarket products, under the Vitobello brand, at extremely competitive prices and of the highest certified quality.  
  • B2B shop with the possibility to search by original code, engine type and described data. 

The heart for the Independent Automotive Aftermarket 

A vital part of Vitobello Ricambi’s business is its products for the IAM. With the IAM product portfolio, the company provides its customers with certified quality spare parts at a highly competitive price.

Joining TecDoc is a strategic step for the company aimed at strengthening its position in Europe, expanding to new markets beyond Italy and meeting customers’ requirements for data format. Also, Vitobello Ricambi will be recognized as a reliable data supplier, enhancing its reputation as a solid, trustworthy and well-established company in the world of spare parts dealers. Luca Vitobello, CEO and owner of Vitobello Ricambi, expressed his enthusiasm about being part of TecDoc. It will enable the company to introduce its products to a wider range of customers and strengthen its market presence in Europe:

“Joining the TecDoc ecosystem is a crucial step for us, as it will give us the opportunity to showcase our products to a wider audience and expand our market share.” 

Luca Vitobello, CEO of Vitobello Ricambi

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