How the new TecAlliance Support Website reduces turnaround time and increases customer satisfaction

EUROPART has been successfully active in the vehicle spare parts market for more than 70 years and is today known as the leading partner for commercial vehicle workshops as well as operators of truck, trailer, van and bus fleets in Europe. Across Europe, EUROPART is active in 27 countries with over 300 sales outlets and a comprehensive parts range of more than 400,000 spare parts. We met David Wuttke, Head of eCommerce & Data Development at EUROPART, and talked to him in an interview about handling support cases and how the new TecAlliance Support Website can support this.

EUROPART has already been a TecCom customer for over 7 years and uses the TecCom Order solution to handle its order processes.

“By using the TecCom portal, we create the highest possible level of transparency for our sites. All information can be accessed easily at any time, which makes the entire process along the supply chain very efficient. For EUROPART, the TecAlliance Support Website is a suitable way to operate even more efficiently. With the help of the future full integration in ERP and webshop, our customers in 27 countries will also benefit.”

David Wuttke, Head of eCommerce & Data Development, EUROPART Holding GmbH

At the beginning of the use of the solution, when the connection was still new, support cases occurred more frequently. In the meantime, the number of support cases has dropped significantly. In 2022, there were less than 30 cases in the entire year. One of the reasons for the reduction in support-related inquiries is the expansion of the range of services for independent problem solving. One way of doing this is the TecCom Portal Wiki. The manual contains helpful articles and tips on numerous use cases and topics. The articles are available in up to six different languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. Among the wiki articles, in addition to descriptions of how to manage business relationships and instructions for inquiries and orders, there is also an article that contains all error codes, including tips on how to fix them. Furthermore, the status of the systems can be viewed at any time on the Status Page. This means that in many situations it is no longer necessary to open a support request. If support from our TecCom team is needed, we offer the possibility to use a new TecAlliance support website in addition to the conventional version of our support e-mail address. The support website is the central address for support requests for all TecAlliance product families: TecCom, TecDoc, TecRMI and TecFleet. Depending on the selected product family, specific fields and mandatory fields appear. Since EUROPART also uses TecDoc and TecRMI in addition to TecCom, you can benefit from the advantages of the support website across all solutions.

If you use the link via the TecCom portal to the support website, many fields are already pre-filled, which makes the user’s work much easier and saves time. Additional features such as drag and drop for adding files make the website as user-friendly as possible. The website offers a prioritization option of support cases, which is used by EUROPART to focus on important support cases.

An important advantage is that the support requests are automatically created immediately after submitting the form. The automatic creation of the requests leads to a faster processing of the case. Prompt processing of support cases is essential for EUROPART, as customer satisfaction is very important to you.

As usual, sending the form is followed by a confirmation e-mail containing the support number.

For these reasons, Mr. Wuttke confirms, he has since preferred to create support requests via the new website.