Happy Chinese Lunar New Year 2024!

2024 Chinese Lunar New Year is approaching, filled with festive atmosphere everywhere. For this special occasion, our Team in China celebrated their annual party at the end of January.
Reviewing the achievements of TecAlliance China in the past year, our Managing Director China, Iris Huang, pointed out, that the first official partner was successfully signed and TecAlliance China participated in the local association activities for the first time. In addition to that, TecAlliance China has organized and participated in the Asia-Pacific team building and implemented several employee incentive projects. Overall it is to mention, that TecAlliance China aided numerous Chinese companies and brands in connecting to our customers globally and in addition to that, we successfully helped them to find local partners in each location to facilitate their global footprints.

Furthermore, Iris, together with Liew Chew Yee, sales lead Asia-Pacific, also announced important activities in 2024, with two main initiatives standing out. The formal launch of ONE, our PIM solution on the one hand and the introduction of the trade portal trading system, which is becoming our main platform for connected eco-system in that region on the other hand. Besides, they touched on important dates such as the China Customer Day in Shanghai in April 2024. With the global approach of TecAlliance being an important aspect for all our subsidiaries worldwide, this was therefore also a relevant part of their speeches. Finally, they also spoke of upgrading our products and services, which is a key element to our daily work, to ensure our customers to be provided with the best solutions possible by us at any given time.
As we are entering the year of the dragon, we are looking forward to a fortunate and prosperous year, bringing evolution, improvement and abundance. This also aligns with our goals set at TecAlliance for 2024 for our products, our customers, our employees and our journey as a company. As the go-to-partner for innovative expert solutions in the global aftermarket, we see it as our duty, to deliver the best solutions possible to our customers to advance their businesses and partner on a successful journey together all along the way.
We wish everyone a happy Lunar New Year and look forward to successfully working with you in the prosperous Year of the Dragon!