Rollout of the new generation of the TecAlliance Data Management System DMM R2 was successfully completed in March 2018.  British parts manufacturer, Quinton Hazell (QH), whose company founder is considered the pioneer of the independent automotive aftermarket in Great Britain, has grown into one of the largest aftermarket suppliers across the globe.  Their management discusses the advantages of the new version of the Data Management module DMM R2 solution.

The administration and submission of product data at the quality level required for integration into the TecDoc Catalogue is a complex task for many data suppliers. The DMM R2 Data Management module was therefore developed to simplify the integration process and support the provision of high-quality data in the standardised TecDoc format.

Parts manufacturer QH, currently part of the Tetrosyl Group, continues to be one of the most significant market players in Great Britain. The company has now been using the new DMM R2 for nearly a year and is thoroughly convinced of its benefits.

“In June of last year, we switched to the new platform”, explains Tania Wilson, Product Manager for Data Management at QH. “Although we were happy with the old system, we were won over by the advantages and additional functions of the new solution. One clear modification is the way of navigating, for example. The Web-based application is controlled more with the mouse than the keyboard. It’s easy to navigate and do what you want. It is also far more intuitive and modern in feel and performance,” says the Product Manager.

“Although we haven’t yet exhausted all of the possibilities offered by the system, we are certain that the current version is even more powerful. One function that we currently use is Reporting, which now offers even more extensive options. For example, it is easier to export data than before,” states Wilson.

“However, our greatest benefit is from the new validation process, which allows us to maintain individual work and check the changes we have made on an ongoing basis. This means we can detect and correct errors quickly. The data remains error-free, which is paramount to the entire operation and saves us a great deal of time”, Wilson explains.

Tania Wilson was also impressed by the support from TecAlliance during the transition process. “The response times and support were good. Even though we were able to draw on our knowledge of the old system, we still had questions that TecAlliance resolved quickly. Our feedback was also taken into account.”

To continue to support data suppliers with the transition to DMM R2, TecAlliance provides online training and full-day courses oriented to the individual needs of the participants. In the TecAlliance customer area, the full training schedule is listed in the area Customer Info > User Information > Training. You can also register for one of the online training sessions on this page. Further details can be provided by the local TecAlliance contact person.