Optimise Your Stock Management with Vehicles in Operation (VIO)

Our VIO data is powerful data for effective parts / product life cycle management.  You can assess and optimise your product portfolio based on country-specific or global market developments.

Introducing Vehicles in Operation (VIO) data in the TecDoc Catalogue:

Now, you have the opportunity to enhance your stock and distribution decisions using the most up-to-date data, linked to the TecDoc standard.

Leverage vehicle population figures at the national or regional level in the UK and Ireland to optimise your inventory management process and gain a competitive edge! 

Why trust our VIO Data?


We collect data from local sources, including official records of vehicle sales and registration figures.

AI Enhancement

Our in-house algorithm and machine learning capabilities guarantee data quality, allowing us to establish robust connections between raw source data files and our internal database.

Global Presences = Local Expertise

Global automotive expertise due to local offices in Europe, Asia, Oceania, South-America, Middle East

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Enhance Stock and Distribution Decisions with VIO Data