In the third part of our interview series we asked our experts in Brazil how they experience working from home. We have been given personal and interesting insights from our Marketing Specialist Marcelo Pimenta!

How has working from home in Brazil developed at all?

Marcelo: The first known record in Brazil of the idea of ​​replacing the office with a home office came in 1997, during the Home Office / Telecommuting seminar , which designed the work formats of the third millennium. Two decades later, at the doors of the fifth generation of mobile networks, the remote journey finally became popular. According to a survey by the IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics), in 2018 the country already had 3.8 million adherents of the home office, the highest number recorded so far , before the pandemic.

You don’t have a home office set up in your home. How are you adapting to this new work routine?

Marcelo: The dining table became half an office and half a dining area. I brought my chair from work and put some magazines on the floor to support my foot. The problem is the mess, I have a habit of tidiness, so seeing that pile of paper, computer and wire on the table demands a lot of inner peace. On the other hand, the feeling of rushing from day to day has diminished, because being at home I feel that the day is more optimized and calm.

The difference is that I go back to the same and only table I have at home, which also serves for lunch and dinner. I prepare a thermos of good coffee and add an ambient sound, preferably without vocal sounds . And the day goes on until lunchtime, when I stop to cook something. At that moment, I turn the table back into a pleasant place for a meal, that is, nothing to just push the computer, cell phone and magazines to the corner. Apart from social isolation, I have felt an advantage in staying at home: I laugh more and try to finish everything I have as quickly as possible.

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What is the greatest difficulty of having to improvise a place to work at home?

Marcelo: For me it was getting the job posture right. As we are at the dinner table, it ends up being very improvised, right? So I had to adapt everything to work.

I had no difficulties. I have good internet, a powerful notebook and a cat that keeps me company 70% of the time and sweetly disturbs me by climbing on the keyboard and biting my shins in the remaining 30%.

Have you created any method to be able to work from home, remain productive and maintain mental health?

Marcelo: I’m trying to keep the same work routine that I follow in the office, but it ends up being a little more difficult, because in addition to the professional functions, we ended up having to stop to make lunch, fix something there, something here, and that will blur. But little by little I think we are getting into the routine.

As far as my mental (and physical) health is concerned, I must confess: I have been sleeping and eating better these last few days. I keep exercising almost daily, and because I’m cooking every day, I know exactly what’s on my plate, which is also great for my health. Even before the isolation, most of the meetings I did by phone or videoconference, so little has changed, except that my clients now also know details of my home and the color of my refrigerator!


Working at home is great, after a few months, I´ve spent some money to setup a nice desk on my bedroom, so, now, the room is half an office and half a bed with a wardrobe. I keep my routines and have more flexibility.

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