TecAlliance has developed a new cloud-based web application called ‘Entry Supply Web’. This is a simple and cost-effective solution, primarily for small and medium-sized spare parts suppliers in the independent aftermarket. They can use it to access the entire customer base of TecAlliance’s Order Manager; over 25,000 users around the world now process orders with the solution. It also enables buyers to reach as many suppliers as possible with just one tool. Entry Supply Web makes it possible to receive and export stock orders from all trade customers linked to the Order Manager platform. Integration into internal IT systems and other implementation efforts are not necessary.

Cologne, Germany. 28 May 2019 Win new customers easily and cost-effectively – with the new Entry Supply Web, which TecAlliance has just launched for small and medium-sized part suppliers in the automotive aftermarket. The cloud-based web application is an interface to TecAlliance’s “large” Order Manager solution, enabling spare parts suppliers to receive and export stock orders from all trade customers linked to Order Manager – without integration into internal IT systems or implementation expenses. Use of Entry Supply Web promises growth potential – because 25,000 customers around the world currently use TecAlliance’s Order Manager.

Seamless digital ordering process

A guided online process helps suppliers process orders and generate all associated transaction documents – such as order confirmation, dispatch notification and invoice – for a quick start in electronic order fulfillment. Thanks to the cloud-based application, orders are no longer taken by telephone, fax or e-mail. This reduces administration costs and the risk of errors during order receipt while increasing customer satisfaction. Standardized message formats for data transmission ensure seamless, smooth cooperation with all trade partners connected to the Order Manager platform. On the other hand, buyers can reach as many suppliers as possible with just one tool; they benefit from the delivery and cost advantages of more efficient work processes. For wholesalers, improved product availability and faster delivery times ensure more revenue and satisfied customers.