Normally at this time of the year, millions of Chinese people would be traveling on highways, trains and planes to celebrate the Chinese New Year with their friends and families. This year will be very different from any other that has come before: The Chinese government has called to avoid “nonessential” trips during the holiday period so that the largest human migration worldwide has been put on hold to prevent a resurgence of the coronavirus pandemic.

During the year 2020, the TecAlliance China family has worked hard to get the best out of the situation with significant success: Working remotely or in quarantine didn’t make less busy. Two internal workshops were already held in our office in Shanghai in May. At the end of August the team was honored with the coveted Golden Wing Award in the category “Best Data Service Provider by Parts Manufacturer” in Rui’an, Zhejiang. At the beginning of December the whole Chinese TecAlliance Family teamed-up at Automechanika Shanghai to present the latest developments of our well-known services for the automotive aftermarket. Our team has set clear signs for the future: the year of the ox is seen as hardworking, positive and honest.

Let’s take a look at further highlights in 2020:

# We are proud that we have 103 new data suppliers in China and 9 in East and Southeast Asia on board. As a data supplier it is possible to extend reach and tap into new markets, contributing to increased sales. We offer a variety of solutions and services for professional data management, making it easy and convenient for data suppliers to provide high-quality article data to the Chinese and global catalogue.

# Since last year we have offered an upgraded TecAlliance web catalogue for China which includes two types of vehicle tables: The structured, standard web catalog format offered in China and Asia Pacific is based on the TecDoc Standard and contains China-specific vehicle and item information, the TecAlliance China-ID. A data pool that is specially modified to meet the needs of the Chinese market already contains extensive replacement part information & and is being expanded continuously. Furthermore, we successfully introduced our solution Order Manager that helps to bundle the entire order-to-invoice process into one system.

# Our sales team in China did a heck of a job last year: they sold more than 263 Global TecDoc catalogue accounts.

# The collaboration and feedback from our customers is very important for us. Together with 12 Chinese customers we have developed customzied cataloges.

# The instant message system WeChat is by far the most popular app in China; it includes its own web browser, a mobile payment system and numerous other functions alongside the chat function. TecAlliance has developed the TecAlliance WeChat Catalogue exclusively for the Chinese market five years ago. We are more than happy that we gained 3,617 new followers on WeChat in 2020.

TecAlliance China has been active as an independent company in Shanghai since the beginning of 2013 where we are working to expand into the Eastern Asian markets even further and striving for optimum support and development.