Ismaning, 12 May 2020 – Every day the wholesalers in the automotive aftermarket face challenges in receiving and maintaining returns and warranty claims from multiple sources. Various workflows within the process need to be maintained manually, e.g. finding and matching part numbers, checking the status of the claim or steering the processes with the suppliers and internally. TecAlliance, the world’s leading data specialist in the automotive aftermarket, offers a free webinar to show how the Order Manager module Warranty & Returns facilitates the management of warranty and returns claims and reduces costs for the wholesalers.

The Warranty & Returns module is fully integrated into the Order Manager Online Portal. The first-in-class digital solution provides a uniform end-to-end process for the wholesalers to streamline all activities related to returns and warranty claims. The solution offers a varied range of features that optimise the entire process and offer a great competitive advantage.

Even with an in-house solution in place, Warranty & Returns still helps to connect to all players in the supply chain due to Order Manager’s role as the standard B2B platform in the automotive aftermarket.

Optimise business results through reduced costs

Warranty & Returns helps the wholesalers to save up to 50% of process costs. The highly interactive user interface accelerates the on-boarding process and makes it very easy to use the platform. Implementation is much faster than the standard market solutions and in addition, Warranty & Returns is available for any IT infrastructure or basic ERP system.

TecAlliance offers the free webinar “How Warranty & Returns reduces costs for the wholesalers” on 20 May 2020 to show the advantages and features of this solution. Interested persons can register for the webinar on the TecAlliance website and receive further information on Warranty & Returns.