The Automotive Component Manufacturers Association (ACMA), Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) jointly organized the 15th Auto Expo 2020 – Components in Delhi, India. The 3 days long expo centered around the theme “Automotive Technologies that Drive the World” with a special emphasis on technological innovation, efficient manufacturing and logistics. The Auto Expo Component provides a platform for one to one interactions, brand promotions, industry surveys, sales, and marketing, etc.

The Auto Expo witnessed 1500+ automotive exhibitors from various industrial categories like automotive components & spare parts, Accessories & Car Décor, Auto Electrical, Electronics, Automobile Air Conditioning Systems, Bearings, Dies & Moulds, Design, Engineering, IT & Automation For Automotive Sector, Engine & Engine Components, Garage Equipment And Services, Hand & Mechanical Tools, Oil & Lubricants, Quality & Inspection, Rubber & Rubber Parts, Safety Equipment, Transmission & Driveline, Testing & Pollution Control Equipment.

Commitment towards road safety

Just as adressed at previous trade fairs like ACMA Automechanika New Delhi in 2019 organisers have brought the message on safety with the ongoing exhibition. The Indian Government is concerned on the number of road accidents and has initiated a three ‘E’ Safety Policy primarily including Engineering, Education and Enforcement. The government is also closely working with industry associations together for introducing standards for aftermarket parts to help address the product piracy market leading to road fatalities and injuries.

Convincing impression at our very first Auto Expo Components

There were many visitors at our booth including large automotive suppliers and distributors. Our Indian team had successfully organized demos and presentations for the visitors willing to know more about TecDoc and Order Manager. It was amazing to have a large number of footfalls at the booth from various industry functions.

Rama Shankar Pandey, chairman of ACMA inaugurated the trade fair on February 6 and delivered an insightful speech about Indian automotive aftermarket and industry. On February 7, the scheduled automotive aftermarket conference “ACMA National Aftermarket Seminar” had about 16 eminent speakers and panelists across automotive industry functions. One of the most engaging panel discussions on “Future of Aftermarket” had five experienced panelists including David Winter, Executive Vice President at TecAlliance.

Rama Shankar Pandey acted as the moderator for the panel discussion and emphasized on the current state of Indian automotive aftermarket and how the panelists could support the aftermarket from their perspective. The discussion revolved around facilitating each other on the journey to making the Indian automotive aftermarket a success. By size, the Indian aftermarket is one of the biggest in Asia and unorganized in many roles. Bringing the stakeholders together for the panel discussion was a challenge and finally, it happened on the occasion of 15th Auto expo as stated by Mr. Pandey. While there were young start-up representatives in the panel bringing fresh ideas for the aftermarket, there were also experienced panelist like David Winter focusing on how a data-powerhouse like TecAlliance benefit the Indian automotive aftermarket.

David Winter has experienced the aftermarket shaping in India and he agreed with Mr. Pandey that this is the moment when the market is ready to be taken to the next level. He elaborated on how solutions like TecDoc from TecAlliance can add real value to the Indian aftermarket. He also shared his vision for supporting the Indian automotive aftermarket.

Key figures of the Indian Automotive Aftermarket

The Indian automotive aftermarket has grown significantly, primaly driven by increasing vehicle parc. However, margins are under pressure and new players are entering the industry initiated by government’s initiatives for e-mobility and safety and security standards for automobile manufacturers. Consumers have also realized the importance and relevance, where a growth in demand has been observed off late.

Further, India is developing as a global hub for replacement parts sourcing and its geographical location has provided the advantage to expand its export base to South East Asian countries and Middle East and Africa region. Ram Venkatramani, President at ACMA estimates that the aftermarket in India reached today USD 9.2 billion market and is growing at a CAGR of 8.5% for the next few years. The market is projected to register at Rs 98,000 crore by FY2023.