From now on our twitter account @tecalliance functions as a resource for news regarding aftermarket as well as broader mobility related topics.

Sometimes it is hard to keep track of the latest market developments. Especially when having a wide international focus. There are plenty of different resources you need to keep an eye on. That is why we decided to turn our official twitter account into the AftermarketRadar, a news distribution channel dealing with topics we see as interesting for our partner sphere.

Christian Müller, our Vice President Marketing, outlines the idea: “We do not want to use social media channels just for the sake of it. And that is exactly what we, among many companies, did. Our channel was mainly a content graveyard where we recycled pieces from other channels and occasionally spread our own press releases. With our relaunch we serve a purpose, creating a real benefit for our followers.”

From now on the TecAlliance AftermarketRadar distributes industry news on a daily basis. If you are not on twitter you will also benefit on LinkedIn where we will post a recap of the weeks most important news every Sunday. Depending on the response we might expand it as a section of our blog and newsletter in the future. “With this shift we are not stepping into the news business. We only share what we are stumbling upon on a daily basis and what might interest our partners & friends as well”, explains Müller.

Twitter marks the second of our social media channels which is getting a makeover. Before we relaunched our Instagram account by handing it over to our students and trainees, who post content for their peers and thus introduce the TecAlliance family to younger job seekers.