With our new global partner program we are adapting our commercial policy making our solutions more accessible. We are working together with our global network of qualified data integrators and wholesalers to enable small regional distributors to operate their own B2B catalog based on our latest TecDoc Data.

“With our global partner program we are finally filling a gap in our portfolio. The framework will provide clear guidelines on how TecDoc data can be provided to small regional market participants as well. Our goal is to simplify & harmonize the go-to-market process by providing data as a part of a more complex solution”, explains David Winter, Executive Vice President Sales at TecAlliance.

The TecAlliance Global Partner Program includes a tailored pricing scheme for the smallest market participants like regional wholesalers, start-ups and retailers willing to go online. This allows the smallest international automotive aftermarket participants to grow their business with TecAlliance data without the need of either having dedicated technical expertise or making big investments into their digital infrastructure.

The program is dedicated to all data integrators willing to become a TecAlliance partner or currently working with TecAlliance but require separated agreement. All small automotive aftermarket companies fulfilling a defined set of criteria can benefit from this special framework.

Please contact your dedicated TecAlliance sales representative for further details.