During the past four months, our wonderful colleagues from Marketing and Information Management VIO are working together in order to publish our new fancy edition of the Automotive Report. We upgraded the content itself as well as the design resulting in a high-end informative catalogue.

The Automotive Report demonstrates our customers what TecAlliance can offer in terms of VIO (car parc) data in 77 countries all over the world. The report is a very important instrument for our trade & manufacturers customers enabling product managers and supply chain decision makers to plan their upcoming production or optimize their stock levels and having statistics about the evolution of car parcs and car sales. For 26 countries we can even provide these figures on a deeper geographical level, e.g. on post code level.

We hope you are as excited as we are to finally read our new Automotive Report. Make sure to follow us on LinkedIn and subscribe to our newsletter to get informed about the release date of this year’s issue.