Due to the continuous Corona pandemic, also in the new year many companies are faced with big challenges.
Therefore it is so important to optimize processes and costs as good as possible.
Our objective is to help you with this!

Discover new possibilities to automate your returns management process workflows with Warranty & Returns 2.2.


For the first time we are providing a programming interface, by which you can connect your own systems with our platform!
In this way you can not only integrate your TecCom business partners into your process fast and easily, but you can also stick to your established systems.
For example you can simply send your claims via our platform or you can retrieve the current status of specific claims.
By this you can stay in you own look & feel to which you and your customers are used to and you are implementing a fast and easy process.

Comfort SAP integration for suppliers

For suppliers and manufacturers respectively we also offer for the first time an SAP interface with the sales module SD.
With it you profit from a specialized and customizable system integration which saves you a lot of time and efforts in your daily business.
In the first step we created the possibility to pre-validate claims during their creation at your customers and also to simplify the creation of credit note requests.

You always have the control and you will be pleased how much easier your process will get!

OptiCat data catalogue

Besides the TecDoc Web Service you now have the possibility to alternatively use the Opticat Web Service to retrieve parts and vehicles.
This catalogue is a well-adjusted data source for the northern American region.
You can select the desired catalogue in the settings.

Discover the new functionalities and many benefits that Warranty & Returns provides at: https://ordermanager.tecalliance.net/