Since 2008, Valeo Service Turkey & MEA has been using the TecOrder solution to receive orders from IAM wholesalers, offering them strong logistics performance. In addition to encouraging the wide adoption of WebShops by the wholesaler base, Valeo has started a project initiative to create a “Win-Win” outcome for thousands of IAM customers.

Before the project started, many wholesalers listed only 25 percent of the references in the Valeo product range. Around 75 percent of the product references were unlisted; in many cases no one asked about them. Valeo is helping wholesalers to connect their B2B shops with TecOrder technology so that they can enquire about part availability to Valeo systems when they have no stock.

The company logo of Valeo

The company logo of Valeo

Wholesalers’ customers are able to get the availability result from Valeo within seconds. The wholesalers can receive incoming Valeo orders in a special automated interface, leaving behind time-consuming manual checks. Within one minute (as compared to several hours or even days with manual handling) the order can be sent to Valeo together with the requested quantity and ship-to address. At the same time the corresponding purchase order is created in the dealer ERP system.

Valeo sends the goods to the desired address with a “Priority Service” label and the buyer order number so that the wholesaler’s warehouse staff is aware of the special procedure and can quickly match the goods with the purchase order. If a customer places a wrong order Valeo will take back the wrong delivery.

As a result:

  • IAM customers are more familiar with the Valeo Service portfolio and get to know about many Valeo parts which were not visible before.
  • Valeo wholesalers’ order processing and purchasing departments have less work because of the automated process for incoming Valeo orders.
  • Wholesalers can increase their sales volume and customer retention in a competitive environment.
  • Valeo is able to monitor the market trends and enquiries from the very source so that they can manage their processes more efficiently.
  • Valeo and its wholesalers are able to focus on key trends and refine their stock even further.

Valeo Service Turkey & MEA supports the use of TecCom solutions and is keen on getting even more benefit from using TecCom technology. If you have any questions, please contact Ilke Sari (