Valeo, a French global automotive supplier efficiently uses CMD or Collaborated Managed Data module from Order Manager to support their traders/customers. CMD is widely used amongst parts manufacturers, wholesalers and traders in the automotive aftermarket to standardize the formats and the pricing information of the articles. Valeo enjoys the benefits of minimizing manual efforts of data rework and experienced significant reduction in time-to-market. CMD is a key factor for doing business with ease and now the manufacturer has implemented the solution further in various markets.

Recently in October 2019, Valeo rolled out CMD for its customers in DACH, Benelux and Scandinavian markets.

Realizing the market needs, Valeo along with the Order Manager team

designed an exclusive CMD template for its trader organizations. A template is used to record all the necessary information related to article price and details by the trader organizations. Then the template is submitted to the manufacturer, Valeo in this case.

Now, it is easier for the traders to compress the most important information with added benefits:

  • Traders can now use the newest customized template to provide the most important information
  • Traders can even create individual templates according to their needs, making it easier for them to optimally use the templates
  • Traders can define and use the file format of the templates as they are available in all important formats such as CSV, XLSX, and XML
  • Additionally, traders can also define ‘subscriptions’ for themselves to decide when a data extract needs to be executed
  • Traders also have the feasibility to choose if they want to receive a ‘full data extract’ or ‘extract of data only with modifications’

More information about Order Manager – CMD or Collaborative Managed Data:

CMD solution has many benefits for the wholesalers and the manufacturers.

Benefits for the wholesalers

  • The standardization reduces the maintenance for formats and interfaces
  • Reduced adjustment efforts due to improved data quality
  • Shorter update cycles of article and condition information (Successors/ Announcements/ Promotions)
  • Reduction of product returns handling

Benefits for the manufacturers

  • Improved data quality due to a three level data validation
  • Reduction of the process costs due to automation
  • Standardized and transparent article and condition information
  • CMD supports the product life cycle
  • Shorter “time to market” period
  • CMD is available as a SAP function module

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