The TecWarranty solution makes possible fast and transparent warranty handling in the independent aftermarket. The web-based solution can be used internationally and has just been expanded for the Asian market with local vehicle brands and models and a version in Chinese.

TRW Aftermarket, a leading supplier of replacement parts in OE quality, has been using TecWarranty in the Asian market since April 2014.The company plans to electronically handle warranty cases from 150 Chinese customers and 30 to 40 international customers per year.

Screenshot of the Chinese version of TecWarranty that was adapted to meet the requirements of TRW Aftermarket Asia Pacific

Screenshot of the Chinese version of TecWarranty that was adapted to meet the requirements of TRW Aftermarket Asia Pacific

TecWarranty is a web-based solution for the independent aftermarket that can be used to easily enter warranty cases through a web application and further process them electronically. TecWarranty is friendlier to customers and more transparent. Customers can check the processing status of their claims any time online and see their closed cases. As an option TecWarranty can be integrated into a part manufacturer’s ERP system to completely automate the handling process. This saves a lot of time and reduces the administration costs per warranty case.

Thomas Lapp, Solution Manager TecWarranty/TecReturns, led TecAlliance’s project to adapt the TecWarranty solution to the requirements of the Asian market. Together with Yuliang Cao, in TecAlliance’s Business Development Department responsible for the customers in the East Asian market, he began by registering the requirements from TRW Asia. “In September 2013 we started to adapt TecWarranty to the wishes from TRW Asia. In January we were already able to present the solution to the customer. Since they started volume use in April 2014 the warranty cases from 30 customers in China and six international customers are entered electronically and processed with TecWarranty. Step by step they are connecting more important customers from all countries to provide them with an efficient warranty claim handling process and thereby improve customer satisfaction,” says Lapp in summarising the course of the project to its successful conclusion.

TRW Automotive is a leading supplier of replacement parts, service, technical and diagnostic support to both the vehicle manufacture service channels and the global independent automotive aftermarket. TRW’s products for the aftermarket include TRW-branded replacement parts for braking, steering and suspension. In the Asia Pacific market TRW has an extensive sales network. In Qingdao, China, it operates a brake factory; in Malaysia suspension arms and ball joints are manufactured. TRW has its own warehouses in Shanghai’s free trade zone and the Chinese province Lang Fang Hebei to enable delivery to the independent aftermarket in all of China with high-quality parts.