Order Manager module CMD shortens time to market and increases customer satisfaction

Ismaning, Germany, 12 November 2020 – TecAlliance, one of the leading data specialists connecting the digital aftermarket, offers the industry the B2B platform Order Manager: a multifunctional tool that supports the entire order-to-invoice process. The Danish parts manufacturer Triscan uses the Order Manager module CMD (Collaborative Managed Data) to provide wholesalers in the automotive aftermarket with information about prices, availability and detailed product information like dimensions, weight etc. Automated and standardised update processes minimise the effort for data rework and significantly shorten the time to market. With the introduction of CMD, Triscan underscores its position as an e-commerce pioneer in Scandinavia.

TecAlliance has been supporting Triscan for more than 20 years with a range of digital solutions to optimise their processes and expand their market position in Europe. The Danish manufacturer of a wide variety of spare parts for the automotive and industrial sectors has gained a strong position in the Scandinavian market and sharply increased sales in the rest of Europe. Triscan distributes their products to 45 markets in Europe, with more than 100 employees in Denmark, France, Sweden and Germany.

Excellent data for optimum service

Data excellence is one of the key strategic objectives of Triscan and also the reason for its rating as a TecAlliance Certified Data Supplier. The high quality of their product information and the comprehensive vehicle linkages in the TecDoc Catalogue help wholesalers, parts dealers and workshops to identify the correct replacement part quickly and easily. Triscan is also connected to TecAlliance’s B2B platform Order Manager, the leading solution for order processing in Europe, which is used by 280 parts manufacturers and over 35,000 wholesalers worldwide.

“It is very important for us to lead by example and support the automotive aftermarket with product information that is as perfect as possible,” explains Morten Hallum, Supply Chain & IT Director at Triscan. “Alongside data quality, process optimisation is the second major topic to optimally position ourselves in the market. We have always been a pioneer in e-commerce in Scandinavia. In our line of business, we were the first to offer our own e-commerce system in Denmark. And we have also been part of TecAlliance’s B2B platform Order Manager since 2005. Today, we receive around 85 percent of our orders electronically and send electronic delivery notes and invoices to our customers, which makes work much easier both for us and for them,” he says.

At beginning of 2020, one of Triscan’s customers from Finland asked them if they could use the Order Manager module CMD to provide them with detailed product information, reference data, prices and availability. “Our customer uses CMD to receive data updates for their individual product range. For them it is crucial to receive the data in this standardised, automated way via CMD from as many of their suppliers as possible, as this minimises the effort needed for the manual reworking of data, thus reducing their time to market. We understood the relevance for future success. CMD is a further step towards our goal of always delivering 100-percent correct data,” explains Hallum.

Advantages for the whole supply chain

For Triscan, optimum data quality and optimised, automated business processes are not ends in themselves but the basis for future success in the automotive aftermarket. “We have only been using CMD for a few months, so it is too early to quantify its impact on our business success. But we are very satisfied with how the business relationship with our customer is developing. After an initial decline in sales at the beginning of the Corona pandemic, the sales development is now very positive. And CMD is certainly contributing to this”, says Hallum.

“If the wholesale dealer has access to all relevant product and price information in a structured format and also knows the availability, he can in turn offer his customers better service. Both can react faster and give 100% correct feedback. This avoids loss of sales and increases their customers’ satisfaction. CMD brings benefits to the entire supply chain by improving and speeding up the processes of parts manufacturers, wholesale dealers and workshops. And it ultimately benefits the end customer, who gets his car back from the workshop more quickly”, he sums up.

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