TecInvoice SAP Reverse Message Bridge enables roaming for electronic invoices and automated checking of incoming invoices

The TecCom partners Elring and TMD Friction have introduced the solution extension TecInvoice SAP Reverse Message Bridge in order to expand the circle of those who receive electronic invoices. As reported in the November issue of this Newsletter, with the help of the Bridge structured invoice data in tXML 2.5 format as well as the corresponding signed and verified invoice graphic are sent in a data stream. This makes possible both automated processing by the recipient and delivery to customers outside the TecCom network with VeR roaming.

Respond flexibly to customer requirements

TMD Friction, after the fusion with Nisshinbo Brake under Nisshinbo Holdings the largest supplier for brake pads worldwide, was one of the first TecCom suppliers to decide to send electronic invoices with TecInvoice in 2009. The recently introduced solution extension TecInvoice SAP Reverse Message Bridge offers invoice recipients even more flexibility: Depending on customer requirements TMD Friction can now deliver either a signed and verified invoice document, invoice data to the line item that can be processed by computer or both together in a data stream.

One solution for all customers

Elring, the specialist for gaskets, gasket kits and service parts in OEM quality, has made electronic invoices available to their customers since February 2010. The introduction of the solution extension created the optimal condition to expand the circle of recipients. Elring also uses the TecInvoice SAP Reverse Message Bridge to serve customers throughout the TecCom network with electronic invoices. The first invoice recipients using the VeR roaming protocol are now being connected.

Increasing demand for data stream

With the introduction of TecInvoice SAP Reverse Message Bridge, TMD Friction and Elring are meeting  the requirements of a growing number of invoice recipients. Current experience shows that the demand to receive invoice data as a combination of a PDF document und a tXML message is constantly growing

If you as an invoice recipient are interested in receiving combined invoice data or if you are a supplier who wants to further expand the use of electronic invoices please contact Kathrin Harrer (kathrin.harrer@teccom.eu).

You can register directly online to receive electronic invoices via archive and e-mail at:http://www.teccom.eu/tecinvoice_register.