Today we would like to present you version 1.2 of our Business Intelligence solution for the aftermarket: the Demand Dashboard. Thanks to your active and productive feedback, which we are always trying to incorporate into the further development of our products and services, we can now present four important new features that take the Demand Dashboard to the next level. Let your business benefit from them and test the new features now!

What’s new in Demand Dashboard Version 1.2?

New Feature: Competitor Ranking

How does your brand perform compared to other top brands in terms of product views in the TecDoc web catalogue?

We now show your brands position versus the (anonymized) other top brands in the market. Just set the filters for Timeframe etc., pick one or several Generic Articles, and you can see how your brand performs in comparison to the top market players. Switch from bar chart view to donut view in order to see your share of all product views.

Like all information in the “Most selected” section, the shown figures are based on the product details selections in TecDoc Web Catalogue.

The Competitor Ranking is a convenient source of information that can be used e.g. to put KPIs on for your team.

New Feature: Timeline View

How do your brands, generic articles and individual items develop over a certain time window?

The available data records in Demand Dashboard reach back into July 2018, which is a huge asset if you want to analyze a development over time. But so far, in order to extract the desired information, it was necessary to run a full export of the data, or work with different settings in the time span filter. With Version 1.2, we introduce the timeline view on all levels: Brand, Generic Article and Article level. Simply click the timeline icon in each report’s corner, and the visualization switches to show data on a timeline. You can pick and change the most relevant countries or Generic Articles in order to customize the viewed data.

New Feature: Countries

From which countries do the views of your products come?

The “Countries” report will give you an instant overview about where in the world the selections of your products did come from. It is based on your filter settings, so you have the choice to concentrate on geographical regions or view the data globally. Like always, the data from the bar chart can be easily exported, while the map shows the click distribution around the globe.

New Feature: Export Full Dataset “Last 12 Month”

Download your data from the last 12 months in one batch and one single download!

One central principle of Demand Dashboard is that you can conveniently download all your data either directly from the specific report, or alternatively as a complete set with the “Full Export” feature in monthly packages. We now have enhanced this feature even more, to allow for a single download of data for the last 12 months in one batch.

Free training for you!

We will show you how to use the Demand Dashboard data to get the best information for your business. Because we not only provide the usage data, but also support you in working with these data sources in an optimal way. On our YouTube Channel we have created a playlist especially for you. Click on the link to go there directly.

What we show you there? The video course is a simple guide to Data Science activities and requires no previous knowledge. The tutorials thus provide an excellent basis for dealing with the topic more intensively. With KNIME, a free software for interactive data analysis, we will start together with you into the analysis of demand dashboard data. We will explain to you what the database is and bring all the relevant features of KNIME to the point for you. Together we will process a data set from the Demand Dashboard and show you how to set up a workflow for processing data for data analysis.

It has never been easier to work with data and extract the right information from it. See for yourself! Expand your skills, optimize your data and gain a strong competitive advantage now!